Are you Under Stress - Mood Swing - Astrology Tips to Remove Stress

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Nowadays children have mood swing. Many parents have complaint that their children cannot answer them when they talk. Moon, Mars and current life style affects on the children’s mood swing.

If girl’s Mars is weak then she may have hormonal disorder. You must have to restrict it at the starting else it will create many problems and children get stress. They become angry and feel unsafe. If boy’s Mars and Venus are weak then they become angry.

Are you Under Stress - Mood Swing- Astrology Tips to Remove Stress

Under Stress
Mood swings increase when Mars comes in eyes of weak Rahu. Boys want to go out. When you restrict them they will shout and not listen you.

Girls should avoid wearing moonga if they have mood swing problem. Wear the root of Anantmul in throat tying in red thread on Tuesday. Take small pottery and keep red lentil. Flow this in to water. Maintain good relations with your parents. You have to serve them black elaichi or black elaichi tea.

You must have to hide Surma at lonely place for one year on every Tuesday. Take milk in small bottle and hide it on every Friday at lonely place. You must have to do this remedy for one year.

You must have to do Pranayama. Walk fast. You must have to noticed your hair whether it become oily, hair fall and hard. In this case, you must have to flow one copper coin in water on every Wednesday for one year.

You must have to intake vitamin B. Use less salt in diet. You must have to take walk. Do not drink tea, coffee and cigarettes.
Extra Remedy: When you are going for an interview donate coconut oil and 5 almonds to poor.

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