Are you Feel More Tired - Astrology Tips

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A person should be active. It is good when he study or work in a room or play video game. But it creates tension when he tired when he go outside to play. They sleep while they are seating on the bench. They forget what they have learn. They become lazy. It increases touchiness. You may have backache and headache. You do not want to walk. 

Are you Feel More Tired - Astrology Tips

If Moon is weak then you do not have good memory. You may have blood circulation and weakness problem due to weak Moon and Mars. If males’ Venus is weak then they become tired. They may have pain in hands-legs. They do not energy and want to live alone.

Take 7-8 rati’s moonga and 5-6 ratti pearl. Established it in silver chain or white thread and wear it in throat on Tuesday. The strength will increase in the body. You can also do Pranayama. You can do Tadashan. You can pull your body. The height will increase and body gets energy.

You must have to avoid food which creates bile and cough. Do not eat hot Paratha and corn flour biscuit in breakfast. Give them 5 almonds, 1 walnut and 5 raisins. Give them food which is made from cow’s ghee.

Keep 5 almonds in night in water and peel off its shell in the morning. Fry them in cow’s ghee and add milk in it. A child gets good energy by drinking this milk.

You can do massage with cow’s ghee. Do not give them cold fruits in the morning. Fry black gram in mustard oil to get good energy.

If your Moon and Mars planet are weak then you should give them curd, gola, coconut water, paneer and banana. You can also give them mango adding milk. You can also give them jackfruit. You can add them black pepper. Male whose Venus is weak they must have to take ghee which is made in home from cow’s milk. Add mishri and milk in it and drink it.

Extra Remedy: Many children have jealousy then they can donate oil on Saturday. They must have to chant “Om Pram Prim Prom Saha Shanaye Namah” for 11 times facing west side after sunset.

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