RajYoga of Mars - Check Importance of Mars in Astrology

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Mangal is considered the commander of planets. It is the biggest planet of security. Mangal is the owner of Aries and Scorpio zodiac. Mangal gives courage, confidence, and power. Mangal protects the person from ups-down of life. In the horoscope, if it provides Rajyoga, then the person gets success in young age.

Ruchak Yoga: It is the Panchmahapurush yoga of Mangal. This yoga becomes when Mangal is in Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn zodiac. This yoga makes a person mighty. A person goes in army, police or power field and gets a high position. Do not misuse your power if you have this yoga. You should help others.

Lakshmi Yoga: This yoga becomes when Moon and Mars are together in the horoscope. This yoga is more effective if it is in the center (Lagan, fifth or ninth) or center (Lagan, fourth, seventh, and tenth) house. People never face a shortage of wealth. A person takes birth in the commonplace and become rich. People of this yoga found in a high position. Control on your speech and nature. Help others through wealth and power.

Dashmasth Yoga: In the horoscope, the tenth house is the main house of fire. Mangal becomes very powerful in this house. In this yoga, the person illuminates his family name. A person does hard work but also gets success in career. In this yoga, the person gets success in the field of technical, army, or land. In this yoga, the person should take the family along with him. Worship lord Sun regularly.

Benefits of Having Lord Ganesha Picture on Wall - Vastu Shastra

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Ganpati not only worship first but also he is Vidhna Vinashak. He also gives intelligence. The vastu dosha of the home can be removed by the mercy of Ganesha. The Ganesha image avoids vastu dosha of main gate of the home, worship place, kitchen and work place. Keeping different color image of Ganesha in special places of the home avoids vastu dosha.

Do not keep too many image of Ganesha in the home. Do not keep three Ganesha image together. Keep left trunk Ganesha image in home. Do not keep image more than 12 angul height. Pit varn Ganesha is considered the best. Never offer basil leaf to Ganesha.

Keep yellow, light green color image on study table and room. Do not keep too many images of Ganesha. Keep only one image or statue at one place. Do not keep lord Ganesha or any god image in bed room. Keep Ganesha image inside the main gate of the home. Never put Ganesha image outside of the home.

Keep yellow color image of Ganesha at worship place. Daily offer Durva to Ganesha in morning. Keep water in utensil in front of Ganesha. Chant “Vakratundaya Hum” and sprinkle water in the home. Remaining water put in plants. This will increase prosperity, happiness and removes problem in the home.

Good Luck: Light green color is beneficial to keep health and mind good. Use green color strip to easily cure wound.

Saturn Retrograde 2019 - Effect On Your Zodiac Sign

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Shani is still in Sagittarius Sign. He is going to the Retrograde on 30th April. The effect of Shani will be more powerful. The result of Shani increase on many zodiac signs. There will be a sudden change.

Aries: There will be a success in career and wealth. They can go on many journeys. Take care of an accident.

Taurus: Every pending work will finish. They will get success in conflict and litigation. The problem will be solved.

Gemini: There will be a change in career. The expense will increase. There might be conflict in marital life.

Cancer: There will be a change in career and life. The relationship can shatter. They may relocate and work hard. There are chances of getting a child.

Leo: The problem of life will be solved. The financial condition will improve. They should be ready for relocation.

Virgo: There will be a change in employment. Relatives may create a problem. Take care in financial transactions.

Libra: They may face a health problem. There might be a problem in career. Avoid an accident and conflict.

Scorpio: There will be an improvement in employment, social life, and health. There will be welcome changes.

Sagittarius: The expenses will increase. Take care during journeys. There might be a problem in employment.

Capricorn: The career and wealth will improve. Avoid staying lonely. Take care of your financial expenses.

Aquarius: The problem will be reduced. They will get wealth and respect. The interest will increase in religion and god. Take care of health problem.

Pisces: They may go on a long journey. Stress and anxiety will decrease. The pending work will be finished.

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Top #4 Benefits of Consulting Astrologers Online

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There are many benefits of consulting astrologers online. Earlier, it was possible at all. You need to go to find astrologers in near, find the time or get appointment scheduled and then you get to consult them. But, now things are changed. There are many portals available which helps you to consult the best astrologers in India at just phone call.

Why You choose Online Astrology Consultancy Over Offline?

Online Astrology Consultancy
There are many benefits of this facility. Below we are discussing some of the benefits, do read.

#1 Time Saving

Online astrology consulting is quite easy and helpful. You just need to setup or schedule the call and you can ask the queries online, on call. You save lots of time by not visiting the astrologer in personal, scheduling your task to just to meet an astrologer. Time saving is the biggest benefit of using online astrology consultancy services. Just Pick the astrologer and talk to Astrologer online.

2. Choose the Best Astrologer

You can choose the best astrologer among all. In local, you have to compromise with the limited available astrologers, while at online portals, you can choose the best astrologer from the list, after reading the review.

So, no more compromise with the choice of choosing the astrologer. Just go to the best astrology consulting website and consult.

3. Pay minimum charges

In offline astrology consultancy, you don’t know the charges of the astrologer’s consultancy. But in online, you know how much they are going to charge for one query or two. So, there is no chance of being cheated and you can pay the minimum charges only.

4. Privacy

Not all the people ask for privacy while consulting the astrologer, but there are few people like us, who are more careful about their privacy, in that case, you must seek privacy. In offline consultancy, its not possible at all.

But in online astrology consultancy, you can get 100% privacy, as the portals who provides consultancy, don’t disclose your identity at all.

So, now you know there are lots of benefits of using online astrology consulting service. You too must adopt for such service, if you want to try. Than you for reading us, Astroupay.com.

Relationship Between Food & Your Horoscope - Astrology Upay

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food astrology
Every food product relates with different planets due to their color and property. Planet gets power from the food, which we eat. Therefore, one should eat that food which strengthen the require planet to strengthen.

Rice: Rice relates with Moon. It keeps mind and body calm. Those who get anger or stress they should eat rice. However, if Moon is suffering with Rahu then avoid rice.

Lentil: Different color lentil relates with different planets. Yellow lentil relates with Jupiter, red lentil relates with Mars, black lentil relates with Shani and green relates with Mercury. 

However, lentil completely relates with Jupiter. Eat yellow arhar lentil to strengthen Jupiter, masur lentil to strengthen Mars, black urad lentil to strengthen Shani and green pea lentil to strengthen Mercury. If Shani is weak then avoid having lentil.

Wheat: Wheat relates with Sun. Having wheat products strengthen Sun. Those who wants physical power and fame, they should eat wheat products. Family relations improve by regularly having wheat roti. One should eat roti in afternoon.

Spices: Different spices relates with different planets. Overall, spices relates with Shani and Rahu. Use turmeric to strengthen Jupiter. Cumin, clove, black pepper and big cardamom is used to strengthen Shani. 

Red chili strengthens Mars. Green cardamom and saunf strengthens Mercury. Asafetida, celery and cumin avoid Rahu problem. If there are problems relating to Rahu, then avoid having too many spices.

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Get Seasonal wise Life Predictions - Astro Upay

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seasonal astrology
Hemant: It remains between December and mid January. There would be impact of Jupiter. People born during this time would be emotional and famous. Often they go towards quietness or lonely. They should think before wearing topaz. Sapphire is extremely beneficial for them.

Shishir: It remains between mid January and February. There would be impact of Shani. People born during this time would be intelligent, knowledge and artist. Sometimes, they choose renunciation. They may lose everything due to selfishness. Sapphire and diamond is beneficial for them.

Vasant: It remains between March and April. There would be impact of Venus. People born during this time would be beautiful, prosper and happy. They face emotional problem. Diamond is very beneficial for them. However, one should see Venus condition before wearing it.

Grism: It remains between May and June. There would be impact of Sun and Mars. People born during this time would be administrative, law administrator and politics. They face anger and long term disease. Water element gemstone is beneficial for them. Sometime, ruby is also beneficial for them.

Varsha: It remains between July and September. Moon is the owner of this season. People born during this time would be emotional and sensitive. They might be on high position of physical universe or spiritual. Coral or pearl is beneficial for them.

Sarad: It remains between October and November. Mercury is the owner of this season. People born during this time would be very intelligent and artist. Sometime, they may become good writer or an anchor. They should avoid agney gemstone. Emerald is extremely beneficial for them.

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Choose Friend As per Your Zodiac Sign - Astro Upay

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Aries: The best friends is Libra. Make a friend of Taurus. There won’t be shortage of fame and prestige.

Taurus: The best friends are Scorpio or Leo. Make a friend of Virgo. It gives success and true friends.

Gemini: The best friends are Virgo or Pisces. Make a friend of Libra. This avoids harm and improves career.

Cancer: The best friends are Libra or Capricorn. Make a friend of Aries. This strengthens emotionally.

Leo: The best friends are Scorpio or Taurus. Make a friend of Pisces. This improves nature and reduces struggle.

Virgo: The best friends are Gemini or Capricorn. Make a friend of Aquarius. It gives stability and love in life.

Libra: The best friends are Capricorn or Cancer. Make a friend of Taurus. This avoids love and relations problem.

Scorpio: The best friends are Taurus or Aquarius. Make a friend of Sagittarius. It keeps you disciplined and avoids going on wrong path.

Sagittarius: The best friends are Virgo or Pisces. Make a friend of Aries. This gives success and support on right time.

Capricorn: The best friends are Libra or Cancer. Make a friend of Aquarius. This makes you financially strong and avoids going on wrong path.

Aquarius: The best friends are Scorpio or Taurus. Make a friend of Virgo. This makes you mentally and emotionally strong.

Pisces: The best friends are Sagittarius or Virgo. Make a friend of Cancer. This gives good result of child, health and success.

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