How to Impress Lakshmi of Your Home? - Astro Upay

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goddess lakshmi
Aries: First they save money and then spend on clothes and jewellery. They give respect to home Lakshmi and get mercy of Lakshmi.

Taurus: They are rich but do not save money. They do have good behavior with home Lakshmi. One should keep good behavior otherwise it might affect their business.

Gemini: Their financial condition is normal. They save money and spend their life. They maintain good conduct with home Lakshmi. Sometime, home Lakshmi might create problem.

Cancer: They are lucky in financial matter. They cannot save money. They know the importance of relations and home Lakshmi. Therefore, they might not have saving but they get money.

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Leo: They get many problems for money. They can spend their life with wealth management and saving. They face problem in earning the money if they misbehave with home Lakshmi.

Virgo: The motive of their life is to earn and save money. They might face disturbance in relations due to that. The home Lakshmi can tie them in relations and fulfill the desire of home.

Libra: They do not save money. They do such remedy after problem. Give respect to home Lakshmi. This will increase wealth and you can save money.

Scorpio: They get money after struggle. They spend too much when they get money. The home Lakshmi controls money and expenses. They cannot face shortage of money even though problems.

Sagittarius: They earn and save enough money. They have good relations with home Lakshmi. They do not have good behavior with mother. They spend their money in disease due to bad relations with mother.

Capricorn: They know how to earn and save money. They always talk but do not use money. They give importance to others after money. They get fame-prestige if they give respect to home Lakshmi.

Aquarius: They do not take care of earning or saving money. They do not face too much problem of money. They do not listen and maintain good relations with home Lakshmi. Therefore, sometime they do not have money.

Pisces: They get money. They do not save money until they face problem. They get respect if they take advice from home Lakshmi. This also avoids wealth problem.

Good Luck: Wear pink color clothes and worship. Your mind gets more concentration.

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Reason of Stress Among Ladies - Astro Upay

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Aries: Women of Aries has playful mind. They also get stress. They face mind problem at the age of 32. Daily drink milk. It is beneficial to offer water to Sun.

Taurus: Women of Taurus get stress and they also create stress for others. They get stress in small matters. They face problem at the age of 18. Daily do yoga and worship lord Shiva.

Gemini: Women of Gemini get less stress. They do not get stress even on serious matters. If they stress then they might face blood pressure. It is beneficial to have green vegetables.

Cancer: Women of Cancer do not only get stress but also understand it. Their stress is imaginative. Apply white sandalwood and worship lord Shiva.

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Leo: Women of Leo get less stress. If they get stress then they overcome it. They might face muscles problem due to stress. Drink water in copper utensil. Wake up before sunrise.

Virgo: Women of Virgo do not get stress but they give stress to others. They get stress only in financial matters. Daily worship lord Krishna. Avoid black color.

Libra: Women of Libra avoid every tension and move forward. They get stress only in love matters. Daily eat yogurt in afternoon and worship lord Shiva.

Scorpio: Women of Scorpio get stress in every small matter. It starts at the age of 28-29. Regularly offer water to Sun. also, wear copper.

Sagittarius: Women of Sagittarius do not get stress or they might get depression due to stress. They should eat fruit and chant Gayatri psalm.

Capricorn: Women of Capricorn do not get stress. However, they give stress to others in small problem. Avoid giving stress to others. Use white sandalwood.

Aquarius: Women of Aquarius get mind problem. They have more imagination problem. Therefore, they get headache. They should do meditation and yoga. Avoid alcohol.

Pisces: Women of Pisces have playful mind. They get stress for short time. Their stress would be up-down. Keep fast on Monday to reduce stress.

Good Luck: Do not wear gomed, nili or sapphire along with pearl. This creates serious mental issues.

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Top 5 Mantra to Impress Shani - Astro Upay

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There are three ways to oppression Shani. One is conduct, second is gemstone and third is psalm. Conduct includes pure food, behavior, thoughts and donation. It is beneficial to wear water or air element gemstone. Chanting psalm is extremely beneficial way to oppression Shani. Shani psalm is used to overcome problems. One gets good result if he chants with pure conduct.

It is beneficial to chant Shani psalm when there is crisis of life due to Shani. Struggle increase in every stage of life. It is beneficial to chant Shani psalm when one cannot get his rights or during Sade Sati or Dhayya.

Men or women can chant Shani psalm. Chant Shani psalm facing east-west side. It is beneficial to chant psalm in evening or midnight. You can use Rudrakhsa or Raqt Chandan garland. Do not keep Shani dev image in home. Remember lord Shiva or Krishna before chanting psalm. Family men should not wear black color clothes while chanting psalm. Wear white or sky blue color clothes while chanting psalm.

Beej Psalm: Write “Sham” and keep it with you. You can also keep it at your work place.

Vaidik Psalm: Chant “Om Sham Shanecharaya Namah” in evening. Shani won’t be upset and no bad effects fall.

Tantric Psalm: Chant “Om Pram Prim Prom Saha Shanecharaya Namah” in Shani dasha. It is beneficial in Shani dasha.

Pauranik Psalm
: Nilanjana Samabhasam Ravi Putram Yamagrajam, Chaya Martanda Sambhutam Tam Namami Shanescharam. It is the meditation psalm of Shani. One can chant it before starting of any Shani related worship.

Powerful Psalm: Soorya Putro, Deergha Deho, Vishalaaksha: Shivapriyah: Mandachaara Prasannaatma, Peedam Harathu Me Shani. This psalm is beneficial during Sade Sati and Dhayya. One should chant this psalm for 108 days to avoid Shani pida.

Good Luck: Stealing someone’s money or not repaying debt create problem in employment. One also faces problems in employment.

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Know Your Future From Opposite Hand - Astro Upay

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opposite hand
Nature: If there is hair on wrong hand then person would be soft and simple nature. If there is mole or net of lines then person think too much. If there is straight line on wrong hand person would be very lucky. He gets success. If there are cuts on wrong hand person has to struggle in life.

Employment: If there is cross on any finger on wrong hand then person has own work. If there is straight line on wrong hand person definitely does job. If there is more than one black mole then person frequently gets the job. If the skin color of both the wrong hand is different than person does job and then goes into business.

Marriage: If there is wrinkles on wrong hand before age then person face problem in marital life. If the skin and color of wrong hand is soft then marital life is good. If there is round lines on joint of wrong hand then person does love marriage. If the joint of wrong hand is deep then person face problems in marital life but later on all goes well.

Education: If the dent on wrong hand between the middle finger is deep then person gets good education. If there is net under the little finger on wrong hand person gets technical education. If there is straight line on index finger or there are many lines on upside then person faces problems in education. If there are no dent on back side of hand between the finger then people gets medical education. If the skin of wrong hand suddenly gets rough then one might get failure in education.

Financial Condition: If there is net below the little finger on wrong hand or there are round lines on that place then person will be rich. If there is cross between the middle finger then person faces poverty. If there is tribhuj or varg on third finger on the wrong hand then person faces many problems at starting. However, it gets good wealth. If there is valay or challa on index finger on wrong hand then person gets good wealth but he does not care about it. If there are wrinkles on wrong hand then person might have wealth.

Health: If the darkness on wrong hand then person does not have good health. If there are net on middle finger of wrong hand then person faces accident. If there is cross on index finger of wrong hand then person has weak digestion. If the hand easily moves backward then person has divine power and he gets rid of diseases.

Good Luck: Offer Durva garland to lord Ganesha on Wednesday morning. Do aarti by lighting camphor. This removes obstacles of life.

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Importance of Purushottam Month's Ekadashi - Astro Upay

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Ekadashi fast is very important and auspicious fast in the world. It comes twice in a month. One is Shukla paksha and second is Krishna paksha. It is decided based on the Moon condition. One cannot get mental disorders. Mind and body remains healthy through this fast. 

Normal diseases also do not affect. Ekadashi fast is very beneficial for concentration of mind and mind related problem. However, Ekadashi fast gives benefit when you follow some rules.

It is rare Ekadashi as it comes in pursotam month. It is important to get childbirth and fame-prestige. Poverty can be removed by following this Ekadashi. 

One can fulfill desire wish through this fast. We can the fruits of visit and absolution through god.

This Ekadashi can be followed for five days. On the fifth day, worship lord Vishnu. One should eat only aquatic diet on this day. One can get wonderful results if he remains waterless. Worship your favored god or lord Vishnu. 

It is beneficial to wear white or yellow clothes while worshiping. One can fulfill every wish if he worships for four times. On the next day morning, donate food to poor and finish your fast by drinking lemonade.

Good Luck: Donate food stuff to poor on Saturday. This avoids obstacles in employment.

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Check Nature of People Who's Name Starts From "S" - Astro Upay

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Which letter starts with your name, it shows a lot about your nature and personality. Some letters have many names around us, whereas few letters are very less. Some letters are considered influential like A, J, O and S. According to numerology, it is believed that the letter S is considered to be equal to number 1. The people whose name starts with S Letter, they are born leaders and achieve success in every field of life.

The people whose name starts with the letter S are considered to be very loyal. These are not only romantic but also very natural. Whatever happens in their heart is also on their tongue.

They are not artificial. They express their love and affection through love and work rather than giving expensive gifts. They support their friends in anyway.

They do not share their failings with everyone. It is very difficult for others to explain their failings, so they prefer to keep their emotions in their own mind. However, due to this habit they also become victims of depression many times.

They are very beautiful from outside and inside. These are attractive as well as interesting.

When they are angry, they become very impassive. They lose their temper. This is their biggest weakness. For this reason it is difficult for the people to understand them.

These are very generous varieties. If they see someone in trouble, they quickly run to help them.

They are honest and loyal. They never leave their friends and do not cheat anyone.

They know the value of money in life. Therefore, they become successful businessmen, politicians. These earn both names and money.

They always set high goals for themselves and work hard to get them. Although they often get success only after hard struggle.

Such people think more for others rather than themselves. They have lot of confidence.

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