How to Know Child's Temperament - Astrology Tips

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Do you want to know your child's temperament? here is in astrology we can predict their nature and temperament, to know more read the below astrology tips.

How to Know Child's Temperament - Astrology Tips

Child's Temperament
Children are moody. You must have to talk with them according to their mood. Their nature is different. You cannot talk with them straight way.

If child’s fingers are small compared to palm then child will be moody. If his fingers are thin, mixed with each other and flexible then do not keep them in restrictions/disciplined.

If child’s palm is broad but downward in the middle, fingers are big and soft then you should keep them in disciplined. You must have to follow them to do work in rules. Do not give them juicy food. Do not eat too much sweet or cold food.

Children’s imagination increases when palm becomes broad. In this case you should give right direction to their energy. His luck decrease when his palm becomes short. You should take them to the idol on Thursday.

Wear chain from mother’s hand on Monday. Donate milk or milky products. If palm becomes broad and hard then do not keep children in disciplined. Keep children away from criticism.

Extra Remedy: If your speech becomes bitter then you can wear copper coin in silver chain in throat. Keep concentration on voice every day.

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