Astrology Remedy If your Kid Cry A lot - Astro Upay

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Are your children cry a lot? Sometimes it happens that your kid start crying a lot and not getting stop (even if you do everything). Here is astrology remedy (cause and cure) for kids who cry a lot.

Astrology Remedy If your Kid Cry A lot - Astro Upay

Astrology Remedy If your Kid Cry A lot
Many times children cry a lot. They lose their patience easily. If they cry in the night a lot then it is not a good sign. It is the sign of behavioral disorder. Your Sun, Mars and Moon may become weak.

You must have to walk on green grass. Take deep breath in open atmosphere. You can get more benefit by doing Pranayama and meditation for 5-7 minutes.

Wear tridhatu ring in first or ring finger. The ring must include gold, silver and copper. Seat in front of Sun and do Tratak. You will get peace of mind and your mind become strengthens.

You can also wear copper Sun in throat. Chant Adityahriday Strot regularly. Burn google and Jatamasi and spread its smoke in home. You will not distract from your goals.

Extra Remedy: Sometimes if you have take decision immediately then write 0-9 by saying your dainty. Close your eyes and keep finger on any number if you keep finger on 0 or 1 number then you will definitely get success.

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