Is Dreams Comes Over you? - Astrology Remedies

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Everyone likes to see dreams. sometimes dreams are good, some times bad. It has been said that if you get sleep well, you will get good dreams, Know more about dreams from astro uncle.

Is Dreams Comes Over you? - Astrology Remedies

Everyone likes good dreams. Many times dreams are good and bad. It is saying that you can get good dreams if you are getting good sleep. You can see dreams as intuition. If you are not spiritual then it will convert into negativity. You will get depression.

Many children see that they are getting fail. This happens due to stress. They can donate grams between 2 hours of sunrise on Sunday. Many people see dreams which become true next day. They have to think in a positive way. You should take care of lassitude. You should regularly do sun activity which increase peculiarity and though process.

When we think while playing or painting it is called as involvement. We can get this when a person has good Ketu and Jupiter.

It is very good if we see our ancestors in dreams. If they are demanding such things in your dreams then you should donate that in poor. You will get benefit.

You should chant Mahamrutanajay mantra or Rudrabhisek if you see that you are seeing yourself falling down. You can also chant your deity. If you see that you are falling and someone holds you then it is the good sign from the god. You will get success.

You will also get benefit if you see yourself dead in dreams in accident. You will get more benefits in your life if you see cow, an idol and temple in your dream.

Extra Remedy: When Sun-Moon is weak then a person cannot remain happy. They can donate flour. They can donate flour to poor on Sunday.

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