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A person whose Mars and Sun is weak they should eat apple. It is also beneficial for children who get stress easily, does not get hunger and weak bones. Below is more benefits of Apple in Astrology.

Astrological Benefits of Apple - Astro Uncle

 Benefits of Apple

Apple has medic acid. If child has weak Sun then his liver would be weak. He has indigestion problem. They have to pour water to the Sun regularly. Keep water in lukewarm water and wash it. You have to cut in small pieces and boil it in 2 glass of water. When water remains for 1 glass then filter it and drink it. If it feels bitter then you can add 'misri' in it. It improves your digestive system.

Apple is also beneficial to quit the habit of alcohol. If child does not understand and have coryza, fever and cold problems then they have to eat apple adding black pepper before eating lunch/dinner.

Take 40 cloves and keep it in apple for 11 days. You have to keep this apple in refrigerator. After 11 days throw out the apple and eat 1 clove after lunch/dinner every day.

A person who gets problem after eating sour thing or rough apple or have congestion in neck or throat they should avoid eating apple.

If the level of phosphors in body is very high and bone is broad then you should avoid apple. Cold can be cured by eating apple adding mishri in it.

Extra Remedy: If you have too much tension then tie up mishri in white cloth and flow it in water on Sunday. You can take smell of Kapoor tying up in any cloth.

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