Mantra to Increase Wealth by Worshiping on Sharad Purnima Night

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Do you want to get rich enough, use the day "sharad purnima" to get all the things and dreams from Maa Laskhmi. Yes, Here is mantra to devotee Maa lakshmi on day of sharad purnima, to get all desire things and to get rich instantly.

Mantra to Increase Wealth by Worshiping on Sharad Purnima Night

Sharad Purnima Night
People now days are so busy that they need peace but because of social responsibility, they can’t get peace everywhere. While common people always desire to become rich instantly to get the entire dream thing.
In hindu beliefs, it is believed that maa durga (maa lakshmi) is the goddess of money and people devote her as mahalaxmi who gives all rich things, money, gold etc. And because of that there is special importance of devoting maa lakshmi on the day of Sharad purnima.

It is said that on this day, moon gives maximum lights, and on this moon light, maa lakshmi gives fruitful dreams of people who devote them, and give mental peace too.

 How to Devotee Maa Laxmi on Sharad Purnima?

As per the Hindu belief, if you devotee maa laxmi on sharam purnima night, then you will get maximum benefits, money. You will not feel money less in entire year. how to devote?, its simple, just follow this mantra to devote maa laxmi on days of sharad purnima.

All you have to do is get a photo copy of maa laxmi, and get some red things (which is her favorite) like chandan, red flower, red piece cloth, Pomegranate fruit, and then light up a Diya with  ‘Dhoop’ and start repeating this maa laxmi’s mantra.

।। शरदज्योत्सना शुद्धां शशियुत जटासूटमकुटाम् वरत्रासत्राणस्फटिक घटिका पुस्तककराम्। सकृत त्वां नत्वा कथमिव सतां संमधिते मधुक्षीर द्राक्षामधुरिणा: फणितय: ।।

Meaning of this mantra, White and bright like Sharad purnima’s moon light, ‘mugat” like 2nd day of purnina,Mala of crystal beads, varmudra, brightest face devotee etc.

If you repeat this mantra then you will be free from negative thoughts,  all type of dosha, you will gifted with richness, and you will fulfill all your dreams.

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