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It is important to present the thing you want to say in good way. you should be confident enough to speak what is in your mind while speaking something important. Here is some astrology remedies to become good speaker.

Astrology Remedies to Become Good Speaker - Astro Upay

Astrology Remedies to Become Good Speaker
It is necessary to express your views/ideas. One should have good confidence to describe their thoughts. Many children cannot share their views in gathering or on stage. They have less confidence.

It should be necessary to have good combination of Sun-Moon. It is necessary that people listen what a person speak. A person should have habit of listening others.

You should advise children that they have to speak clearly and calmly. They have to concentrate on their articulation. You should teach them how to speak with appropriate influence. People attracts when you look into their eyes. You should establish eye-to-eye contact.

Make a note of points before giving a speech. You should see green color before giving special speech. You should avoid cold food. You can get clarity by eating green pepper.

You can keep your views by serially. You can wear tridhatu ring in first finger. You should review your subject before giving speech.

Extra Remedy: If you get the child late then child can clean the dustbin on Saturday at least once in a month.

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