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You have read on website and newspaper about vastu dosh. You might know after getting knowledge about vastu dosh. We can help you to remove vastu dosh without breaking anything at your home.

Remove Vastu Dosh from your House - Astro Upay

Remove Vastu Dosh from your House
Many people construct unintentionally in which it has deficit of vastu. People unintentionally suffer by vatu dosh in these conditions. I will show you some remedy without breaking anything in home so that you can remove vastu dosh from your home.

1.    When you drink water in home, keep your face on north-east side.

2.    When you eat in home, keep your plates on east-south side and keep face on east side.
3.    While sleeping keep your head on south-west or south side so that you can sleep well.
4.    In home worship place should be on Ishan side and you having to keep image of Hanuman on south-west side.
5.    For universal progress you can keep image of Laxmi, Ganesh, Kuber Swastika, Om and min cross at the main entrance.
6.    You have to keep jet boring pump on north-east side.
7.    You have to feed cow everyday from your food.
8.    Do not keep Shivaling in worship place.

By doing above remedy you will get prosperity and peace in the home.

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