Benefits of Ayurveda Bath - Astro Upay

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The relation between Ayurveda and astrology is too deep, and if you are not aware of answering then here is benefits of ayurveda, bath with ayurveda in astro upay.

Benefits of Ayurveda Bath - Astro Upay

Benefits of Ayurveda Bath - Astro Upay

There is deep relation between astrology and ayurveda. You can know many problems by astrology and by ayurveda you can solve that problem. Every solution from astrology helps to keep maintains healthy body and mind. Because if one is disturb by body and mind, then by giving strength to his luck he can spend his life happily.

Every planet have relation with some drugs and when those planets affect adversely then people have to take bath adding those drugs into water. They get benefits. In ancient time sage used suggest native to take bath by this remedy.

By these remedies person remove the bad effects of planets and spent life happily. In this drug bath you have to add different types of drugs into water. You have to buy those drugs from the market and beat it. Keep into the bowl of soil and add water into it.

Take some water out of that bowl every day and add it into your bath water and take bath. You have to add water in that bowl which you take for bath. You can use this water for 40 days.

After that remove those drugs from the bowl. Take new drugs and beat them also add water. You can take bath until your problems vanish. If one takes drug bath with proper direction and faith then he will definitely get benefit.

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