Mantra to Avoid Financial Crisis - Astrology Remedy for Financial Crisis

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Today people are upset and concerned about the money. To earn money they do hard work and struggle. But let you know that money is not in everyone’s luck. 

We are not saying this but according to astrology and ancient texts or books money can be earned by only those who have luck. Money affects person’s body and mind. It decreases the person’s prestige and respect so their confidence also decreases.

Mantra to Avoid Financial Crisis - Astrology Remedy for Financial Crisis

Mantra to Avoid Financial Crisis
Person can be saved by shortage of money but if they thinks too much and say that they cannot do anything then it creates problems. Person gets depression. You have to keep this in mind that poverty occurs by person’s mind.

Friends if you are upset because of money then you do not have to be upset. Today we are going to solve your problems. Today we will give you best remedy to remove poverty. You can solve your problems by this mantra’s reverence.

But friends you cannot become rich only by chanting mantra, you have to do work. First you have to work hard and then chant this mantra you will get success.


ऊँ ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं दारिद्रय विनाशके जगत्प्रसूत्यै नम:।।

Om Aem Hrim Shrim Klim Daridreya Vinashake Jagtrpaysutey Namah”

Method of chanting mantra

Financial Crisis

To chant this mantra the most important thing is auspicious time. Check auspicious time and chant this mantra and do this mantra everyday as per your desire. When you chant this mantra keep image of Goddess Laxmi and light of ghee in front of you. 

You have to do this mantra only by rosary of Kamalgata. You have to keep this in mind that this mantra proved when you do it for 1.2 million times (12 lakh) you have to do this mantra 1.2 million times.

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