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Worshiping ling is the evidence of micro body in Hindu. Shivaling is created by two words, one Shiva and Ling. Shiva means ultimate welfare and Ling means creation. In other words Shivaling means the main part of Lord Shiva. Apart from Shiva’s original nature Shivaling means reason, Vedas, and in Vedas ling word use as micro body.

Correct Way to Worship Shivalinga - Astro Upay

Correct Way to Worship Shivalinga
The micro body has 17 elements. 1) Mind 2) Wit 3) Five gynandriya 4) Five karmendriya and 5 airs. By this ling body gets proof of power. In skand purna ling means rhythm. At the time of holocaust everything burn and contained in Shivaling. Brahma & Vishnu lives in the root and on top Bholenath is sparkling.

Lord Shiva is the vedi, mahavedi and ling. By worshiping Shivaling all three gods can be worship. It is the source of peace and happiness. God has every good factor. Everyone wants their welfare and it is their natural behavior. The whole planet is Shivaling. It’s every particle is in Shivaling.

When god has given divine properties then human has origin. One has not to see Shivaling as ling and yoni but as a creation of nature.

There are 12 Jyotirlinga in India. 1) Somnath 2) Vaidyanath 3) Kashivishwanath 4) Malika Arjun 5) Bhimashankar 6) Trimbakeshwar 7) Mahakaleshwar 8) Rameshwar 9) Kedarnath 10) Omkeshwar 11) Nageshwar 12) Dhrushneshwar. It is saying that by seeing 12 Jyotirlinga one can remove their sins and live happily.

Why worshiping Shiva ling’s half circle

You have to start circle from the left and goes till the end of water-bearing part and then start from the opposite side and complete it on the second side. Do not cross water-bearing as it is belief that it stores energy and power.

By crossing water-bearing there is adverse effect of powerful energy on physical activities. So you have saved by this dev dosh. You have to duly worship Shivaling as it has energy of god, which save our life and fulfill our every desire.

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