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Tree and plant relates with any birth constellation. Tree-plant relates with zodiac sign. There will be good impact on destiny by serving tree-plant. Planting gular tree is beneficial for Pisces. Planting gular tree strengthens Jupiter.

One easily spends life if main planet, birth constellation and owner of zodiac sign are in good condition. Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac should plant gular tree. 

The root of gular will be beneficial in problem. Wear the root of gular in yellow color thread. This strengthens confidence. Mind will take right decision even in adverse situation.

The plant of chirchita protect from Rahu and Ketu’s effect. Wear the root of chirchita in throat. Wear the root of chirchita in grey color thread. Wear it in throat. 

This gives mental happiness. A person works more and his threat removes. It avoids sadness and loneliness. The plant of chirchita avoids scary dreams. Keep the root of chirchita under pillow.

When one tree grows on second tree and root flow then it is called as Banda. This tree is wonderful and protects us.

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