How to Get Control Over Your Anger? - Astro Upay for Each Rashi

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Control Over Your Anger
People become angry when their expectations are not fulfilled. Anger happens when hypothalamus doesn’t work properly. According to astrology, one gets anger when Moon or Mars are wrathful.

Aries: You should drink water to control your anger. You can also drink milk or water in silver glass. However, do not drink milk at night. Do not eat stodgy food at night. You can chant “Om” every morning-evening. It reduces your anger.

Taurus: You can reduce your anger by seeing Sun. You should chant Gayatri mantra while seeing Sun.

Gemini: You should avoid green color to control your anger. You can flow green vegetables in river. You can also feed cow. You should pamper the cow before feeding.

Cancer: You should wear crystal necklace. You can hymn Devi and Krishna’s mantra. It reduces your anger.

Leo: You can reduce your anger by seeing Sun. Cover your throat by wearing your adored’s yantra in red thread. If you don’t know your adored then you can wear silver ring in index finger. You should drink plenty of water and take deep breath.

Virgo: You should take good accompaniment. You can seat at your idol or worship place. Wear yellow color thread in your right hand’s wrist. Take deep breath, drink water and take walk in the morning. It will reduce your anger.

Libra: You can clean your teeth with peeple tree. Seat under peeple tree and do meditation. Pour water on peeple tree on Saturday. Do not do too much work at same time.

Scorpio: You should wear pink, white or yellow color clothes to avoid anger. Fill water in green color bottle and keep it under sunlight for 11 days. Drink this water in the morning after washing your face. You can do meditation. You should increase your ambitions.

Sagittarius: You should wear silver ring in your thumb or middle finger. The ring should not be broken from the middle. Your anger increases if you do not learning. You should seat with any intelligent person. You can read books.

Capricorn: Avoid wearing red color clothes. You can wear cream and white color clothes. You can also wear coral. You can wear coral in silver if your anger is in control but you get it more. You can also wear crystal necklace. Drink water or milk with mother’s hand. Keep shell in vessel and drink water in the morning. It is more beneficial if you drink water in silver glass.

Aquarius: You should wear iron, copper or silver coin, which is cut from the middle, in throat. Take root of Bichoo grass and tie up in black color thread and wear it on Saturday. Avoid walking and speaking fast.

Pisces: You should wear copper ring in thumb. You should eat mixture of saunf, jaggery, mishri and gola. Drink coconut water every day.

Remedy: Grahan dosh affects Rahu-Ketu and Moon-Sun. It gives you mental and physical problems. In this case, you should keep a piece of silver along with you. Donate Gangajal to people. If you have Suryadosh then keep piece of copper along with you. You can do Gayatri yagna every Sunday.

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