How fragrance Improve your Planet Position - Astro Upay

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A person’s life is affected by mind. Mind is affected by body’s circles. There are seven circles in body. Three things, color, fragrance and words, directly impact on circles. Every person’s mind stage is different. 

How Fragrance Improve your Planet Position - Astro Upay

fragrance Improve your Planet
Different types of problem can be solved by using different fragrance. Right fragrance increase concentration and removes depression. Aroma impacts on our working and thinking capacity. Therefore, it is used in worship.

People should use natural and flowers fragrance. You should use fragrance on study table, working place and worship place. The light fragrance gives your good result. You should apply fragrance on wrist, back of neck and navel in routine. You can also take bath by adding fragrance in bathing water. Students and unmarried people have only used sandalwood fragrance.

You can use incense stick on your working place. When fog disappears then you can start your work or worship. It is beneficial to use sandalwood or google fragrance. Do not use rose, jasmine or kevada fragrance.

You can use rose or jasmine fragrance in your bedroom or while taking bath. You can apply fragrance on your navel before going to bed. You should use rose aroma in your bedroom. Do not use dark and heavy fragrance. You can light loban in your home in morning-evening. Keep it in clay pot and rotate in your home. It removes negative energy from your home. Do this remedy twice in a week.

Remedy: Take betel leaf on Wednesday and keep one piece of clove. Offer it to any goddess. You will win in litigation matters.

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