If Child Doesn't Get Fathers Love - Astro Upay

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There are some kids whom do not get love of their father because of many reason. Here is astro uncle talking about such children's. What you need to do to get fathers love.

If Child Doesn't Get Fathers Love - Astro Upay

Such fathers do not able to give time to their child due to lack of time or for some other reason. In this case, children think that their father does not love them. Such children do not get love which they want.

Child does not get support due to weak sun or strong sun. Child must need protection with affection from father.

Child have to seat in front of his deity and take oath that he would established hand pump or make arrangement of water at his father’s birth place.

You have to donate coconut and lentil for a life time. You have to donate this to poor or in temple.

You should remove unused wooden and iron stuff from the home. You have to keep silver wire under the bed of father.

Remedy: You will get benefit by eating musk melon in summer. You can also donate jaggery on Tuesday.

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