What to Do After Became Mother? - Astro Tips for Pregnancy

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What to do after become mother? Here is some astrology tips for after pregnancy by astro uncle. Hope it will help you :)

What to Do After Became Mother? - Astro Tips for Pregnancy

What to Do After Became Mother
It is saying that girls have two births. One when she born and second when she become mother. She gets too many changes after being mother. They might be good or bad.

Postal natal astrology is very important. Child’s planet does not affect mother. There are many chances of hormonal changes. It is relates to Jupiter and Mars. They may have gas problem due to Jupiter. Jupiter increases the fat.

You should drink water in silver glass. You should intake calcium. It gives strength to the Moon. You can wear hard silver in neck.

If you face more stress or diseases during pregnancy then you should do these remedies immediately after the child’s birth.

You will get benefit by drinking half cup of milk adding two twinges Amba turmeric.

Women get some special changes like doubts, stress etc., if their Moon is weak. In this case, women whose sign is Taurus they should donate rice. Other people have to donate milk on Monday. You have to do Pranayama for 15 minutes every day. Anger will reduce.

Take nutmeg and tie it up in black cloth and wear it in neck after the one week of child’s birth. You can eat black pepper along with dry fruits.

Keep little thyme in mouth. You can do massage with ghee on your sole. Seat in front of the god and worship by applauding.

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