Astrology Remedies to Cure Depression

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It is not good to get depression. There are such minds which cannot take depression. It increases negativity. You cannot do anything in this situation. You come to know whether you’re depressed or not from such symptoms.

Astrology Remedies to Cure Depression

Cure Depression
1) Do you want to cry? 2) Do you have chronic pain in your body? 3) Do you feel headache all the time? 4) Does your eye weaken? 5) Do you get fatigue? 6) Does your concentration level decrease? 7) Do you have stomach problem? 8) You do not like to eat food. 9) Your heartbeat increase. 10) You want to talk with someone emotionally. 11) Do you get inferiority complex? 12) Do you want to eat sleeping pills?

It affects your mental health. You won’t get progress as negative planets influence increase. Rahu-Ketu is responsible for depression. Moon-Venus creates negativity through hormonal disorders. When Venus is weak you get depression due to relations. A person remains busy in his relations that he gets depression and negativity.

Negativity increases when Sun and Moon are weak. If your Moon is weak then you feel insecurity due to relations. If Sun is weak then you will get seasonal affective disorder. Their behavior changes if they leave in dark rooms.

You have to devotee of your dainty. You should eat apple. It removes negativity and depression. Apple contains vitamin B, phosphorus and potassium. You can also intake cashew and raisin. You can prove green elaichi. You have to chant mantra of your dainty. When it is proven then you have to intake this elaichi.

You can do yoga. You can do bahirung, antarang. You should laugh. You have to learn lose, win and face the problem/conditions. If you feel depress after the age of 40 then you may have shortage of calcium and chemicals in the body. In this case, you must have to take medical advice. Do not share everything to everyone. You must have to share with your idol, friend or parents.

You can intake Triphla to get rid from gas. You can intake ashwgandha. Do not keep torn shoes in your home. You can intake grapes. You can do meditation and sadhana of your dainty.

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