Astrology Tips Solve Relationship Problem

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Do you having Problem in any relationship? Check out astrology tips for how to improve and solve relationship problem.

Astrology Tips Solve Relationship Problem

Relationship Problem
You should keep first chapatti for cow. It increases happiness in your marital life. It decreases the conflict between husband-wife.

You can plant basil in your home to give peace to Sun. Sun is directly related to marital life. You can flow jaggery in water on Sunday.

You can also chant Gayatri mantra with basil rosary. To give peace to Saturn and Rahu never wear torn shoes and sandals. Do not keep them at home. You should throw them or donate them. 

Take 7 pulses such as wheat, corn, barley, millet, rice, lentil and urad flour and feed them to ants. You can gift silver coin and rice to each other.

If there is a gap between mind line and life line then you quarrel with your life partner without any reason. If there is more than 1/2 marriage line then you may have conflict with your life partner.

There may be conflict between life partner due to Mars or Mangal dosh. In this case, husband-wife can plant peeple tree. You can plant it in temple or garden. Do not plant it in home or its mansion.

If trees are rising in the walls of the home then you should remove them. Husband-wife does not remain happy in this home. They may face stomach and obesity problem. You may also face diabetes problem.

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