Astro Upay for Mangal Dosh - Astro Remedies for Mars

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Due to Mangal dosh one cannot get marry easily. Relationship would hurts and broken. It happens till the age of 30. If you cannot concentrate on relationship then your character may affect. There may be stomach and headache problems. There is no happiness between father and son.

Astro Upay for Mangal Dosh - Astro Remedies for Mars

Astro Upay for Mangal Dosh
If Jupiter is strong then also problems occurs after the love marriage. There is always threat of separation. There is a delay in marriage. If one has mangal dosh then proposal cannot come and if they come it does not convert into relationship.

If they engaged then there is conflict between husband-wife and family members. They do not get support from siblings. It takes times to built consistency. They have distance in physical and mental situations. It also affects children. It also creates difference between husband-wife. Sometimes it becomes serious they may go for divorce. They cannot give respect each other. Their children also have some problem, they become extreme hyper or gloomy.

If Mars is in one’s first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth place then they have mangal dosh. If it affects seventh and eighth place then it would affect more. Mangal can be decided from Moon, Venus and Jupiter. Most of the people have mangal but few have mangal dosh. There is no shadow of mars. There is belief that who is mangali they do not get marries. It is also belief that who is mangali they become widow or widower. Mangal dosh cannot over after the age of 28. People having mangal dosh they always have conflicts. There is delay in marriage. To become mangali is not dangerous.

When mars make combination with Rahu, Ketu, Venus or Saturn then it will create more problems. If one has mangal dosh in his birth chart then no remedy works. You have to do remedy with patience. Mars affect more to the energy of marriage. Sun and Jupiter also governs energy of marriage. If Mars creates problems in home of marriage then there are problems in marriage or married life.

If Mars is weak then there are many problems occurs including marriage. If Mars is affected by Rahu-Ketu it creates problems in auspicious work also. If mars is weak then Pitrudosh does not remain. Due to effect of mars marriage delays and it creates problems in family and relations. If mars is weak then physical energy is also weak. 

If husband-wife’s physical energy does not meet then they have conflicts. Mars is the owner of RH factor and blood cells. If you do not match mars properly the partner becomes ill after marriage. Due to mismatch of mars many boys and girls have problems after marriage. They quarrels lot with each other. When mars is in 7 or 8 place and Jupiter is not weak, Saturn is affected, less possibility of marriage in birth chart then they may lose their partner.

Skin becomes dry if mars is weak. There is no oiliness in skin. There is tendency of ageing in skin. There may be problem in blood cells or blood circulation. Do not hurry if mangal dosh in birth chart. If marriage line is upward to the mountain of Jupiter or dosh in Jupiter’s finger then there is delay in marriage. 

There are 3-4 lines which cuts marriage line. If upper mountain of Mars is upward and has cuts then there is delay and problems in marriage. If below mountain of Mars is broad and has net then also marriage delays. If there is web on mountain of Venus or it is downward then they creates problem in their married life on their own. They have to avoid love marriage.

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