Are you doing Lots of Struggle? - Astro Upay

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When you do hard work you will definitely get success. A person whose horoscope is weak then he/she has to do hard work with patience and positive thinking. Those who born between 1970 - 1990 they are facing too much problems in their life.

Are you doing Lots of Struggle? - Astro Upay

You have to understand and work with positive thinking that there would be delay not denial. If fingers are long and backward, cuts on thumb, hole in the palms then you have to do hard work.

Do not keep long hair during your struggling period. Use sandal perfume every day. Take pottery or copper urn and fill it with water. Keep coconut on it and worship it. Worship your dainty every day. Donate lentil during this period. Do not wear torn shoes and socks.

You have to take bath 2 times in a day when bad smell come out from your sweat during struggling period. Add leafs of Arjun, Peeple, Bail tree and knot of turmeric in bathing water.

Do not waste/insult natural resources such as water, salt and grams. Do not do badly anyone. You have to check that water does not go from your home to someone’s home. You do not remain happy.

You must have to serve an idol, elder and parents. You have to take vicinity of them. You have to worship your dainty. You must have to offer water to your Pitru. You will get more benefit by serving the society in any form.

Extra Remedy: If you get injury too much then take batashe and keep it in red cloth. Donate them to poor child or worker. Offer jasmine oil, perfume and Sindoor to lord Hanuman.

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