How to Improve Memory? - Astro Uncle ke Upay

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It is necessary to have good memory power. Planets affects on memory. You forget the things when your Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury are weak. You should strengthen these planets to get good memory power.

How to Improve Memory? - Astro Uncle ke Upay

Improve Memory
You should change your behavior/conduct. You have to remain alert. You must have to do more work. You must have to keep patience. Do not eat too much food. Eat water and grams when you get hungry. Bake grams in ghee and add black salt in it.

Your memory becomes sharp by eating orange and walnut. You can use almond oil in your nose. You can do massage in hair with rosary oil or almond oil or cow’s ghee.

You can eat Saunth and Pippli adding honey in it. You must have to eat seasonal fruits. You can eat Amla. You must have to detach yourself from other stuff. Seat with peace mind and chant “Om” mantra before start studying.

Memory power increase by drinking coconut water. Wear silver chain from mother’s hand. Donate shoes or hide stuff. Peel off lemon from your head and throw after cutting it. You will definitely get benefit.

Extra Remedy
: If you get wrinkles on forehead then you can apply pindol dust on it. You can also apply it on your whole face. It gives strength to your planets. Drink more water. Concentrate on green color in morning-evening.


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