How Palmistry Tells About Person - Shell on Your Finger

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Palmist iconography is the important part of Indian astrology by which one can know about person’s nature by the body parts. By this palmist iconography Narad and other Maharishi know about person from birth to death. In this there are two main subjects. 1) Symptom 2) Lines.

How Palmistry Tells About Person - Shell on Your Finger

Palmistry Tells About Person

You can know about person’s personality based on different body parts like shell, circles and shipi. You can know about your future by these symptoms. Today we will discuss about you shell.

1. If one has one shell in finger then he will get good education and good position. Also he takes active part in social activities.

2. If one has two shells in fingers then he will get things by hard work and his life would be normal. They spend their life by depending others.

3. If one has three shells in fingers then he likes woman and spend their money in basic necessity. They might become clerk, secretary or PRO.

4. If one has four shells in fingers then he gets happiness like king and gets respect. They have known as kuldeepak of the family. They become legislator, MP, minister.

5. If one has five shells in fingers then they can rule over the society and travel on water for their livelihood. He also works relating to that.

6. If one has six shells in fingers then he directs the society by his knowledge. They become astrologer, religion teacher and religious idol.

7. If one has seven shells in fingers then he has financial problems. Their situation becomes better when they get child. Their wife would be struggler.

8. If one has eight shells then he spends their life happily by the hard work. They get good position by their relations.

9. If one has nine shells in fingers then his nature would be like woman. Also his every work attracts women and they also support them. They get good time after the age of 40.

10. If one has ten shells in fingers then they become IAS, PCS, Major, Secretary and spent happy life. They have many problems at the age of 45.

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