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Pa-Kwa is the important doctrine in feng shui; it is also called as octagon. What is this doctrine? Also how it is affected to human? There is belief that this octagon was established before 5000 years. One day the king was sitting in meditation. At the same time tortoise manifests. 

How Feng Shui (Chinese Vastu Shastra) helps to Solve Financial Problem

feng Shui (Chinese Vastu Shastra)

Due to god’s inspiration King Fu-si feels that the world’s map is made on the back of tortoise. On the strong back of tortoise the map is vision by which Pa-Kwa origin. It is indicator of human life’s eight sides. Following are the 8 parties. 1. fame 2. Marriage 3. Son 4. Consultation 5. Business 6. Knowledge 7. Family 8. Property

You can keep map of Pa-Kwa and decide different sides and how to make dynamic so that we can get positive energy.

fame area – Side- South, Element - Fire

If you want more respect in family, business, job or in society then you have to make dynamic south side of your home. To get positive energy and to make more effective you can do following remedies.

1. You can do red light at south side and increase the fame area at your home.

2. You can keep certificate, award and medals.

3. In fame area keeps round mirror.

4. You can also keep statesman, actor or businessman’s picture or picture with them to make it more dynamic.

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