How to Do Mercury (Budh) Pooja on Wednesday - Navagrah Poojan

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On the Series of Navgrah Poojan, today we are giving you guide to Budh Grah Poojan ( Mercury ), how to devote mercury, how to do pooja of budh grah, check it from astro upay team.

How to Do Mercury (Budh) Pooja on Wednesday - Navagrah Poojan

How to Do Mercury (Budh) Pooja on Wednesday
Wednesday is the day for Mercury planet. If you cannot save money or you have conflicts in your home then by worshiping mercury you can get success. As it removes the bad effects of mercury and gives education, money, benefits, business and health.

Rules for fast of mercury planet.

1. You have to do fast of mercury on Wednesday.
2. You have to start this fast on first Wednesday of Shukal Paksh.
3. You have to do this fast for 21 or 45 Wednesday.
4. You have to avoid iodine
5. You have to take care of cleanliness. You have to establish mercury yantra and worship every day.
6. You have to dainty Halwa or panjari of lentil and donate it and then you have to eat them in evening.
7. You have to donate before eating. You have to donate things relating to mercury.
8. Before eating you have to offer green elaichi, water adding Kapoor to Budhdev.
9. On the day of fast you have to do “Om Bram Bri Bro Saha” for 9000 times or 5 mala.
10. Do tilak of white sandal and green elaichi on forehead and wear green color clothes.
11. On the last day of fast on Wednesday you have end it by doing Havan with budh mantra and serve pundits with sweet food and donate stuffs.

On next, we will give you more Navgrah puja guides on, stay tune and read below more astro upay.

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