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Glare consider as bad luck. When person see someone’s progress and good luck and glare it and say something then they might have glare. It is seeing that due to glare someone get loss in their business or they may have problem. Children or elder also have glare then they become ill. If you have these problems then you can do remedy at home.

Evil eye, Reason and Treatment - Astro Upay

Evil eye, Reason and Treatment
The owner of the zodiac sing and constellation are weak then they have glare. At the same way a person’s zodiac sing and constellation’s cruel planet are strong and have adverse effect then person’s speech, eye and mentality have jealousy problem.

Many times we heard that someone has do wrong thing and so that his work cannot be completed and have bad luck comes occasionally. At the same way sometimes we feel even though doing hard work we cannot get success as someone has do wrong thing on our business. Due to bad thing we cannot do business or even though getting profit we may have some issues. Problems arise in such way that we have to quiet from the business.

Sometime person’s health affect in such way that medicines cannot work. This happens due to evil support. This tout can be done by someone or due to our work it happens by mistake. A person’s past birth’s run or bad thing affect them. By doing such remedy they can get success.

Characteristic of Evil Eye

Quarrel between Husband and wife
Today evil eye works on quarrel between husband and wife, loss in business. Person who lives near funeral places or women who lives under the curtain, or person becomes famous due to some reason for those evil eye works as a unseen weapon. Women have headache, vomiting and unnecessary talks.

Increase in the sex desire
Increase in the desire of sex, inch in thighs, wet remains in vagina, spent more time in bathroom, habit of keeping hair open, any body part can be vibrate.

Desire of quarreling
To get away from our relatives one do harsh talk, habit of quarreling, increase in sore things in food, desire of drinking butter milk, quarrel with girls at home without any reason.

Habit of chewing nails
Do not pay attention to your children, spending time on some other’s talk, habit of chewing nails can be seen. On the same way, your business shutdown. Customer comes but his mind change to buy things. They do not buy cheap things from your shop and buy costly things from others shop.

You may get obstacles while starting the new work or you receive telephone call and when you go to pick up it stops ringing.

Inch Problem
There may be red or black ants on bed, dirty smell comes from blankets and clothes, without any reason inch problems occur.

Remedy of Evil Eye

Worship of Hanuman

You have to peel off milk 3 times from the evil eye person and feed it to dog. By doing this evil eye removes. This type of person have worship Hanuman ever day.

Peel off Shoes

Take aged person’s shoes and peel off 7 times from the diseased person. Spit on the tail of the shoes and throw it on the floor. While moving the shoes you have to say “Om Ram Rahvey Namah”.

Avoid White Sweets

Person who have evil eye problem they should avoid white sweets while going outside. If you have some urgency and have to go outside then eat 5 leafs of Tulsi and drink water before going outside. While eating this say “Shir Vishnu Shri Vishnu”.

Plant Tulsi

Beautiful plant also have evil eye problem. At this time you have to plant Tulsi. You have to keep black caudi near to plant. You have to keep one caudi near to 11 plants. You have to light Kapoor 2-3 times in a month. This remedy works amazingly.

For children

Those who do not have child or want boy they have to wear Pokhraj.

Black-white Pearl

Children should wear pearl or najarbhandh (black-white pearl) or bracelet.


Take lemon and peel off from your head and cut it in 4 pieces and throw it in four directions. If you have evil eye then it will remove.

Wear Pearl

Those who are mentally stressed and have mental disorder they have to wear ring of pearl in their finger.

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