How to Marry with Your Loving Girl - Astro Upay

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Do you want to marry your favorite girl but having some problem? Then try this upay to to get your girl. Just read the 4 upay given below.

How to Marry with Your Loving Girl - Astro Upay

How to Marry with Your Loving Girl
Youth’s mind diverts and attract in opposite sex when they cross the age. Mind is playful and it is hard to take control in this age. Eyes attract in every good way. However such things live in heart which is loved by eyes.

Love starts from attraction but when it comes to sacrifice then it is necessary to get marriage. The community binds in religion and tradition then why such do love and if they do then they cannot remain untouched by this society.

If you love someone and want to do marriage and spend your life with them, but due to family, religious and society becomes obstructive. In this way, following measures can be done by which you can get married with your desire girl.

1. Sarvabhadaprashman Trikolysya Lileshwari. 

Aevmev Twaya Karyamsaymadvairivinashanam.

You have to establish “Shri Navdurga Yantra” and keep it in your worship place do one mala of above mantra every day for 40 days. By doing this you can get married with the girl whom you love.

2. Tab Janak Pai Basist Aaysau Byah Saj Sawarike. 

Mandwi Shrutkirati Urmila Kuari Lai Hankari Kai

By doing above Ramcharit Manas’s chopai your desire will fulfill immediately.

3. You can also do “Om Dra Dri Dro Sah Shukraye Namah” at least 1 mala so that you can get success to complete your wishes.

4. Person who wish to marry they should eat banana and sleep on yellow color’s bed sheet. They can also do “Om Gram Gra Gro Sah Guruwe Namah” every day.

Try this, hope you get your loving girl for marriage :) keep visiting us for more astro upay.

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