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Are you want to know benefits of wearing rudraksh or want to wear it? then you must know the rules of wearing rudraksh. Do check the below article to know more about rudraksh from Astro Uncle.

Benefits and Rules to Wear Rudraksh - Astro Uncle

Benefits and Rules to Wear Rudraksh - Astro Uncle
Before going to benefits and rules, do let you know basic about rudraksh, meaning and basic mantra for rudraksh.

Rudraksh means Rudra + Aksh. Rudra means Lord Shiva and Aksh means tears. Rudraksh revealed when tears dropped down from Lord Shiva’s eyes. It takes permission from lord Shiva and manifest on the trees. There is recognition that there are 38 types of Rudraksh from which 12 brown Rudraksh appears from Sun’s eyes, 16 black Rudraksh appears from Moon’s eyes and 10 Krishna’s nature Rudraksh appears from Agni’s eyes. Let us know how you can remove your problems with Rudraksh and get happiness and mercy from Lord Shiva.

Yatha Cha Dashyate Loke Rudraksh Falad Shubh
Na Tatha Dashyate Anya Cha Malika Parmeshwari

It means there is no rosary is as fruitful compared to Rudraksh.

It is written in Shrimad Devibhagwat
Rudrakshdharnaya Shresht n Kichadpi Vidayte

It means there is no other things are good better than wearing Rudraksh.

There are two types of Rudraksh: Rudraksh and Bhadraksh

It is more fruitful if someone wearing Bhadraksh in the middle of Rudraksh.

Benefits of wearing different types of Rudraksh

Following are the benefits of wearing different types of Rudraksh rosary.

1. You will get salvation by wearing rosary of 100 Rudraksh.

2. One can get success in every work if they wear rosary of 108 Rudraksh. Person wearing this rosary will uplift their family.

3. One can get courage, power and good health by wearing rosary of 140 Rudraksh.

4. You will get money, property and increase the age by wearing rosary of 32 Rudraksh.

5. You have to retention rosary of 26 Rudraksh on head.

6. You can get more benefit by wearing rosary of 50 Rudraksh in neck.

7. Rosary of 15 Rudraksh is helpful in chant, jaap and accomplishment.

8. You can wear rosary of 16 Rudraksh in hand.

9. It is fruitful if you wear rosary of 12 Rudraksh in Manibhandh.

10. One can get saintly if they wear rosary of 108, 50 or 27 Rudraksh.

Rules of wearing Rosary of Rudraksh

1. One should not wear that rosary by which they do Jaap. Also they do not Jaap with such rosary which they wear.

2. Do not use Rudraksh or rosary of Rudraksh which is already used by someone.

3. You should worship it and wear Rudraksh in auspicious beginning.

4. Do not intake non-veg, alcohol, ginger and onion after wearing Rudraksh.

5. Rudraksh should not wear in fingers.

6. Women should not wear Rudraksh during menstrual.

7. One should not sleep at night wearing Rudraksh.

A person who worship Lord Shiva by pure heart-mind and wear Rudraksh they will be able to solve their each problem. It is also saying that if you see it your sins can be vanishing. Goddess Laxmi lives where Rudraksh is worshiping. Rudraksh is the priceless and wonderful gift of Lord Shiva. It is extremely like by Lord Shiva. By touching or worshiping it one can remove their sins and get sensible and heavily happiness.

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