What is Shani Vish yoga and its Effects

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Are you worried for Shani Vish yoga? Do know more about Shani vishyoga and its effect. Shani vish yoga is not bada as much as people think about it. It has some bad and good effects too, do check it here.

What is Shani Vish yoga and its Effects

What is Shani Vish yoga and its Effects
Shani vishyoga occurs when there is combination of Saturn-Rahu or Saturn-Moon. Saturn gives the strength to any negative thinking and Rahu maintain that negativity. Vishyoga is a Saturn’s negative connection which creates too many problems. Vishyoga affects every aspect of person’s life. Normally Vishyoga occurs due to the ritual work of the last birth.

The combination of Moon-Saturn is less harmful than Rahu-Saturn. The combination of Moon-Saturn creates mortification. It takes person to the spirituality. The combination of Rahu-Saturn takes person to the negative side. Person becomes alcoholic, liar and has bad habits.

Person has drinking habit. Their speech becomes bitter and they become rude. Person has to live alone in their life. They also have such diseases which cannot be identified. Person diverts toward such unspiritual things.

When there is combination of Rahu-Saturn then person have good intuition power. If they get right direction they get good success. If you move away from your native place then you can earn lots of money.

If one’s Jupiter is strong then Shani vishyoga does not affect them. Whenever Jupiter affects on Saturn and Rahu then vishyoga does not work. When the good planet is in center of birth chart then you have good habits, your nature would be good. When Shani vishyoga happens in Libra then it does not have adverse effect.

Child who born during this time they do not have to worry about shani vishyoga. As of now Saturn is at good point. Jupiter affects in a positive way on Rahu and Saturn. Child who born during July 2013 to June 2014 they do not have vishyoga effect. They have strong desire to go in technical field.

You should take bath every day and offer water to the Sun. You have to eat Tulsi in the morning at empty stomach. You have to do Rudrasthak 1 time in morning as well as in evening. You have to do fast on Ekadashi. You can also wear Rudraksh necklace. You have to avoid any alcoholic habit. You have to serve poor on Saturday. You have to avoid black color and iron. You can also plant or serve Peeple tree on Saturday. You can also eat sweets on Saturday to get rid of from the Vishyoga.

If child have vishyoga then it also affects their parents and vice versa. If they get good advice then they will get good success in their life.

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