Remedy Improve Moon Planet - Chandrama ko Majboot karne Ke Upay

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If your moon planet is weak then you might face low decision making skill or you can take poor decisions for your life, career and for many more thing. So, here is small tip or small astro upay you can do to improve your moon planet.

Remedy Improve Moon Planet - Moon ko Majboot karne Ke Upay

Remedy Improve Moon Planet
When person’s Jupiter is strong then if he does mistake, he will immediately apologize for that. However if when person does mistake and does not apologize then their Jupiter becomes weak. They cannot make progress. When they have ego then also their Jupiter becomes weak. 

Apologizing is not easy thing. One should have that courage to apologize for their mistakes and also they have courage to compound someone. When person get arrogance their Moon becomes weak. If you do such mistakes then you should apologize from heart. It gives strength to Moon. When Moon is strong your mind becomes strong and concentration level and memory power becomes strong.

You should drink water and milk in metal pot. Do not drink them in pot of mercury. You should donate milk occasionally except Mondays.

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