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How should be your Vastu of your home? Wrong structure vastu home is not good for family members, it can cause financially and health issue. Check how should be your vastu for good home, from astro uncle.
When birth chart is good but Vastu is not good then it creates problems. Even good position of planets does not give you good result. If Vastu is good then your luck would be better. Even weak birth chart also gives you good result. Vastu and birth chart are coordinator of each other. If you do measure for Vastu dosh then your planets becomes strong.

Vastu of your Home - Ghar-Ka-Vastu

Vastu of your Home - Ghar-Ka-Vastu
The 4 corners are Northeast (Ishan), Southeast (Agneya), Southwest (Nirutya), Northwest (Vayaya). The land of the home should be importation or round. You should also check the quality of the land. The direction of land is not important. You can plough the land and pour the water. If water is in the hole then the land would be good but if there is no water in the hole then the land would be bad. You should not buy this type of land.

You should make planning according to your zodiac sign when you build your house. If you buy flats then also you should keep this in mind. You should clean the flats according to your zodiac sign. You should also decorate the house according to your zodiac sign. People whose sign is Leo, Virgo and Libra they should start cleaning their house from southeast corner. People whose sing is Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn they should start cleaning their house from northeast corner. Aquarius, Pisces and Aries person’s should start cleaning their home from northwest corner. Taurus, Gemini and Cancer person’s should start cleaning their house from southwest corner. You should follow this every day. It increases the money in home.

The place of water should be on northeast corner at home. The drainage of dirty water should be on northwest corner. The water tank should be at west or north direction from the northwest corner. It should not be southeast, southwest or south direction. Those who are living in flats they should keep their drinking water from northwest to north direction. Tube well and hand pump should be at northeast direction. Do not keep water storage in the middle of the house as it increase the Pitrudosh. It also affects the owner’s health. They might have legal problems. The wealth of home does not increase. There is no peace at home. The prestige of the home decrease. If you cannot change the place of water then you can keep water in north side. You should keep the electricity meter, generator, Gas stove and Angithi at southeast corner. You can also light on southeast corner in morning and evening.

It should be necessary to have good Vastu for kitchen. If it is not good then it shows some problems. It increases the diseases. The conflicts increase in the home. The kitchen should be at southeast corner. It is also good if it is in east or west side. It should not be on northeast corner as it increases the conflicts in the home. You should make one place for storage of water on north side in kitchen. You should keep open the kitchen. You should make storage place at south side in the kitchen. You should make temple in the kitchen. You should not keep garbage open in the kitchen.

Toilet should have between southwest to south side. It should have between southwest to west. Septic tank should be between northwest corners. You should not seat on toilet facing east or north side. It should be south side. If toilet is in the right direction then stomach remains good. Children get good benefits. Bathroom should have between southwest to west or west direction. You should not use it as toilet. You can plant money plant. You can keep dustbin on west or south side. You also have to make drainage point. Lord Shiva, Brahma and Kuber lives between east to north side. It is also place of Mercury, Jupiter and Moon. While Yam, Trimurti, Rakshash, Anant and Varu lives between south to west side. The Vindictive things can be place on that side. The good and healthy work can be done on good and healthy side. Those whose Rahu is weak and they do such things on southwest side then they face many problems.

Vastu of your Home - Ghar Ka Vastu - Astro Uncle
The god of northwest side is Vayudev and the owner is Moon. Do not keep stairs on this side. It creates problem in your home. Do not make storage or toilet under the stairs. It decreases the strength of the luck. You should do hard work to get success. Also it affects the owner’s health. You can only make temple under the stairs. Vastu means the balance of panchtatav at home. If it is unbalance then it creates problems. Do not keep drainage system at the entrance of the home. Keeping stairs closed is also bad. The place of the home should not be between south to west. Person cannot get promotion. The elders and owners health remain unstable. There should be conflicts in the home. Due to Vastu dosh negative energy increase and the positive effect of planets decrease.

Bedrooms should be at southwest side. Temple should not be on southwest side. The place of worship should be between east to north side. Do not sleep at the temple place. If you want to sleep near the temple you should make bed over there. You should not keep store room or vaults on north side. The best place for store room is south. You should not keep too much stuff in the bedroom. If home is improper then person’s growth would be stopped and children have less concentration. It increases the anxiety. Rahu and Saturn lives in improper home. Jupiter does not live in improper home. You should keep your shoes in south side. Do not keep torn shoes and slippers in the home.

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