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Thyroid occurs due to following reasons. You should think that whether you are more imaginative. Do you have more anxiety? Does your emotion are imbalance. You want to cry. If you have complaint with others. Your social life is less. If you have knowledge. You like to read magazines, watching movies. You may get less support from your parents in childhood. Your physical work would be less or vanish. You speak lie even if you don’t want to speak. You may attract by others easily. You might become stubborn to hide your faults. You restrict your physical power unnecessarily. check out the Thyroid ki samasya ke astro upay.

Reason and Remedies for Thyroid - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

 Reason and Remedies for Thyroid - Astro Uncle Ke Upay
Fatness increase rapidly or weight decrease rapidly. Your voice would be weak. You become lazier. You become tired. You may have problem relating to birth child. Your skin becomes dry. Your skin becomes yellow and dead. Your face becomes dull. You may feel swelling on your face. You may have muscular pain. You get cold easily. Your menstrual disturbs. Person becomes unhappy. Hair fall increase. You may face obstacles in your work. Also problems arise in your love and married life. You have problems with your friends and society. Your family relation decrease. Due to lack of concentration you may have problems in your job and business. You do not earn money even if you have knowledge. You face so many obstacles in your life.

Thyroid occurs due to weak Mars, Jupiter, Moon and Venus. If Mercury is with Saturn or Rahu or it set by Sun then person’s parathyroid would be weak. Due to weak parathyroid the circulation of hormone would not be good and it results into thyroid. Person may criticize others. Person may have greediness. They make calculation to become rich. They face imbalance in speech. Weak Jupiter affects the Pituitary vain. Weak Jupiter creates hypothyroid. If Jupiter is with Rahu, Saturn or Venus then you should take extra care. If there is a combination of Jupiter with Rahu, Saturn or Venus in second, sixth, seventh or eighth place then you should remain careful.

Venus is responsible for hormonal system. If Venus is with Moon, Saturn, Rahu or Mars in first, second, eighth place then you should be careful. Hormonal system might be affected. You should learn Yoga. You can also take support of acupressure. You should eat proper food. You should keep your mind healthy. If Sun, Venus and Saturn are in Aries sign then person should take care of eating food. Also it Sun – Moon or Venus, Rahu and Saturn are in Libra sign then you should take care of eating habits. If Mars – Jupiter or Moon – Jupiter and Venus are in Capricorn then also you should take care of eating habits. If Sun or Moon is in Taurus sign then also hormone problem occurs. Female have more possibility of hormone disturbance is Mars and Jupiter are in Taurus sign.

Remedies of Thyroid

There are two types of thyroid 1) Hypothyroid and 2) Hyperthyroid. In hyperthyroid energy would be less. The immune system of body would be weak. Body itself vanish the energy. When circulation of thyroid hormone is more. It is occur due to weak or imbalance Mercury. Eyes will go up. Person’s body becomes weak. Depression or anxiety increase. Person criticizes others. They have more weakness. Person have problem in birth child. Women’s menstrual period disturbs. People have to work hard. They have more sweating. They cannot tolerate heat. They cannot concentrate. People have shiver in body. Due to Jupiter and Venus hypothyroid occurs. Body has resource of energy. The distillation of hormone which removes fat decrease. Fatness increase. Person may have cold. They may have weakness. Hair becomes dry. Their sleep increase. Cholesterol and sugar also increases. Person does not have interest in social responsibility. They also have problem while talking. Voice may have disturbance. Person cannot work with concentration. They may get stress easily. Their anxiety increase. Swelling increase in their legs. Skin becomes dry.

You should do Anuloam Vilom. You can also do Kapalbhati. You can also do Sarvangashan. You can also do Ujjai Pranayama. You should do Manduk Ashan. You can do Jalandharbhandh. You should do Kakimudra. You should do meditation. You can do Vishudi Chakra. You should watch sky-blue light. You can take out voice of “Hmm” slowly. You should do massage of your thumb. You can also do massage with life line. You can put on sky blue color on thumb. You can donate vegetables and milk. You should spent time with your mother. Donate iodine on Friday. Do not take stress. You should take walk. Do not eat banana. If you have hypothyroid then you should avoid corn flour. You can tie up Nila Hakika or Firoja in neck. You should use goggle. You can also use Amla and honey.

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