Remedies for Love Marriage - Prem Vivah ke liye Astrology Upay

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At present our younger generation is moving away from their goals due to modern setting, open atmosphere, television culture, Valentine's Day. One should love deliberately. One should match their thoughts before getting marriage so that there will be no depression, suicide or degradation in their life occurs.
Remedies for Love Marriege - Prem Vivah ke liye

A person love because of the planets and it also broken due to planets. One should not get clear description of love in astrology, there are many causes is of failing of love:

1.Venus and Mars have the potential to influence the affairs. If there were all favorable conditions a person's horoscope, but if the Venus is adverse then the heart of a relationship is broken.

2. Seventh house or seventh sin is suffer, the questions occurs if love to be in Papyog. The situation is such that they are no connection between both fifth and seventh then chances of love failure are less.

3. If the Venus is Sun’s luminary and it has effect of Moon then although having love or getting love marriage there must be problem in their life.

4.If the lord of the fifth and seventh house is slow then it shows the everlasting love affair or refers to the sensation. The natives of this type do not forget the lifetime affairs, whether they succeed or fail.

Measures to strengthen love marriages: Astro Upay for Love Marriages

1.Worship the Venus god.

2.Worship Panchmesh and Saptmesh.

3.Wear the gemstone of Panchmesh.

4. Wear Blue Topaz for essential conjugal and captivate.

5. Moon gives success in love marriage.

For Love marriage you must check not only first, fifth, seventh house but also you have to check twelfth house because twelfth house is used to check for marriage. This is the sense of pleasure in bed. With these expressions – you have to know those (one, five, seven) status of the owners of expression. If this type of owners have relation with other owners then person definitely get the love marriage.

There is a main role of Saturn play in inter caste marriage. If the relation of Saturn has strong relation with gesture of belief then one definitely do inter caste marriage. The spouse is concerned with seventh house, while fifth house considered for Child and Study, however it also considered for a love. This price reflects a special role in cases of love marriages.

The result of love is marriage or not, future can be known about the love marriage by using astrology. There is no such situation occur for destructing the heart, for that view boyfriend - girlfriend should match their horoscope with a qualified astrologer. Love is the gift of God. You must love but deliberately and after matching horoscope.

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