Check your Isht Dev According Birth Month, Birth Day and Zodiac sign

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According to Scripture beliefs by worship the (isht dev) deity give us the good result. You can know your deity by your date of birth, birthday, and the zodiac sign or from your birth chart. Check your Isht Dev According Birth Month, Birth Day and Zodiac sign. 

Your Isht Dev According to Birth month: The month only known as birth month, his deity will be as follows:

- Those who born in January or November they should worship Shiva or Ganesh.

- Born in February to worship Shiva.

- Those who born in March and December they should worship to Vishnu.

- Person born in April, September, and October should worship Lord Ganesh.

- A person born in May and June, they should worship the goddess Bhagwati.

- A person born in month of July and august, they should worship Vishnu and Ganesh.

Your Isht Dev According to Birth Day: Those who know the day but do not know the time, according to the day their deity would be:

Sunday – Vishnu

Monday – Shiva

Tuesday – Hanuman

Wednesday – Ganesh

Thursday – Shiva

Friday – The goddess

Saturday – Bhairvji

Birth form horoscope: Those who know the birth time, for them from the fifth place they get knowledge, wisdom, education, religion and become aware of favored. By Arun Sanhita god or deity gives the best result according to their work in previous birth.

According to Zodiac sign: At the fifth place, your deity would be:

Aries: Worship Vishnu or Sun.

Taurus: Ganesh

Gemini: Sarswati, Tara, Lakshmi

Cancer: Hanuman

Leo: Shiva

Virgo: Bhairvji, Hanuman, Kali

Libra: Bhairvji, Hanuman, Kali

Scorpio: Shiva

Sagittarius: Hanuman

Capricorn: Sarswati, Tara, Lakshmi

Aquarius: Ganesh

Pisces: Durga, Radha, Sita or other goddess

Deity in favored of the planet: Deity depending upon the fifth planets or planetary.

Sun: Vishnu

The Moon - Radha, Parvati, Shiva, Durga

Mars - Hanuman, Kartikeya

Mercury - Ganesh, Vishnu

Jupiter – Shiva

Venus - Lakshmi, Tara, Sarswati

Saturn - Bhairvji, Kali

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