Step By Step Guide for Laxmi Puja - Lakshmi pujan - Diwali 2016 - Laxmi Pujan to Attract Wealth

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Diwali is the biggest festival of Hindu community and celebrated everywhere with great enthusiasm.People celebrate this festival of lights with their different rituals.They lit diyas in their house and keep away the evil spirits to enter in the house.Moreover, Lakshmi puja is done in Diwali to welcome goddess Lakshmi in the house and get blessings.

Step By Step Guide for Laxmi Puja - Lakshmi pujan - Diwali 2016 - Laxmi Pujan to Attract Wealth

Kafi logo ki request pe aaj post karte hai, kaise karein lakshmi puja is diwali pe. Taki aapke ghar sansar main paiso ki barish ho, lakshmi ji prashann ho, or jyada se jyada wealth badhe. To janiye Astro uncle ke upay se Lakshmi punjan ka sahi tarika.

Step By Step Guide for Laxmi Puja - Lakshmi pujan

To attract Laxmiji on this diwali, your house must be super clean and pure, even on all of the days of Festivals. Laxmiji like to visit clean house with pureness, as they like to visit the home with freshness and which have sparking lights, Diyas and Lamps. It means your home should have that kind of environment that one would like to stay.

As many of our fans and visitor has requested, here is the step by step guide to do Lakshmi Puja for Diwali to attract Laxmiji and get maximum benefit of diwali Puja. You can also check the Best time to do Diwali Puja (Diwali Murhat).

How to do Lakshmi puja/Diwali puja?

-First of all take a green or red new cloth and spread on the table you are going to do puja. Place grains in the center and put kalash or lota on it.Pour ¾ water, betel nut, flower, coin, and some rice grains in it.Organize five different kinds of leaves in kalash. 

- Put a small dish to cover the kalash and pour rice grains over it.Now draw a lotus using turmeric powder over rice grains and put the idol of goddess Lakshmi with coins.

-It is necessary to put kalash in south-west direction and place idol of lord Ganesha with ink and books which are related to your business or job or school on the table.

-Now, lit a lamp and incense sticks to begin puja with offering kumkum, flowers, and haldi near kalash. Scatter some gangajal on all the puja apparatuses which means you purified them.

-‘Panchamitra ‘is made of 5 ingredients including milk, ghee, curd, honey and sugar. It is given after the puja is completed. Now begin with ganesha pujan as ganesh puja is done first in Diwali and he is considered as the lord of knowledge and remover of all the problems.

-Now, start the Lakshmi matras and pray to goddess Lakshmi by offering fruits and flowers. After that put idol of goddess Lakshmi in plate and wash it with panchamrit and the water comprising some gold coins and water. After cleaning place it back to kalash.

-Give haldi, kumkum, sandal paste and garland to goddess Lakshmi. Respect the books and ink and open the first page of books and write ‘subh labh’ on it with making swastika.

-It is now time to wash the gold and silver coin with panchamrit and water. Give patasha and puffed rice to god. Perform the aarti and distribute Prasad to all your family members.

So, now you know how to do the Lakshmi puja, what things needed to do lakshmi puja on the day of Diwali, festival of lights. I would like to request all of you to please share this to all your friends and family, as many of our friends and family member used to do things really bad, not exactly the way it should be done. So, please share and do it in proper way. Doing it wrong way lead to many problems.

Lakshmi puja is done on the day of Diwali and this year it will be done on 30th October the Diwali day. Happy Diwali!

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