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Ravi Pradosh
There would be fast on trayodashi of every month’s paksha. On this day, lord Shiva is worshiped. One can fulfill every desire by his mercy. 

There is different importance of different pradosh. There is different importance of pradosh on Sunday. The pradosh on Sunday is known as Ravi pradosh.

Keeping fast on Ravi pradosh gives good health and age. This fast also gives name, fame and respect. It is also beneficial to keep fast if there is yoga of defamation in horoscope. Ravi pradosh avoids Sun related problem.

On this day, take bath in morning and wear white clothes. Then, offer water and bail patra to lord Shiva. Offer white food to lord Shiva. 

Chant Shiva’s psalm. Also, light ghee lamp in front of Shiva and chant Shiva psalm in evening. It is beneficial to eat fruits and water on this day. Do not eat grains and salt.

Offer water to Sun in morning. Then, offer water to lord Shiva. First chant Shiva’s psalm. Second, chant Sun’s psalm. Donate Sun related stuff. Remember lord Shiva and take mercy from lord Sun.

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