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In horoscope, the fourth and seventh houses are responsible for affectedness. Venus and Rahu are responsible for pose and affectedness. 

In horoscope, out of these planets any planet is strong then person does pose and affectedness. 

If there is chaos in these planets or houses then person will be fraudulent. Radix 04, 07 and 08 easily gets impact of pose and show off.

Spiritual: A person makes pose of spirituality when the owner of ninth house is weak or there is impact of inauspicious planet on ninth house. When Venus is strong and the owner of ninth house is weak or there is no planet in center or Venus and Jupiter is very strong. They may get defamation. Child becomes unworthy or parents cannot get happiness from child. They face many problems in old age.

Gentleman: A person makes pose of gentleman when Jupiter is weak and Rahu is strong. When only Venus is strong or Rahu and Ketu is in center or Moon or Jupiter is weak. They may face serious disease in life. They may face mental disease. They may become poor once in a life.

Honest: A person is really an honest when there is only auspicious planet in center. Jupiter is strong and there is no effect of any inauspicious planet or Rahu is not with any other planet. Radix 01, 02 and 09 are honest. It is extremely beneficial to worship lord Sun to avoid pose. Chant Gayatri psalm every day.

Good Luck: Offer belpatra to goddess Lakshmi daily. This avoids poverty.

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