Astrology Upay to Save Money in 2019 - Astro Upay

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If there is dent in the middle of palm then one cannot become wealthy. One gets money, fulfill responsibility but they cannot save money.
Save Money

If the above part, as shown in the figure, is downward or it has mole on it then one gets money and he spends it. In this case, find out other sources of income. Rent, other business or job is the other sources of income. With your hard earned you will be comfortable but will not be able to get rich.

People whose Venus and Jupiter is good they have money and prosperity. It is in the hand of person for hard work and karma. One should understand the situation.

Chant Shri Shukat if money cannot stay. Take bath with yogurt and donate yogurt on every Friday. In the event of repeated loss or siphoning then do kanyadan once in a life. If you do not have daughter then you can do kanyadan to need daughter. Do kanyadan as remedy not as service. You can do it with care.

If your wealth suddenly decreases then check if you have grabbed hold someone’s land or wealth. If you forget to repay someone’s money in unknowingly. In this case, you should give guarantee to repay the money or land. Your financial condition will improve once you repay the wealth.

If you face wealth and financial problem then do not go in bathroom without wearing chappals. Offer white flower to goddess Durga and chant “Om Dum Durgaya Namah”. This avoids wealth problem.

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