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Child face eyes problem if the twelfth and first house is weak. Eyes relate with Sun and Moon. If parents has weak eyes or they have more cough or they eat more medicines then it directly impact on child’s eyes. 

Improve Eyesight
The Sun, Moon and first-twelfth house in horoscope indicates eyes condition. Sun Mountain, Sun finger and Moon part denotes situation of eyes. If the below part of ring finger is downward then eye easily becomes weak.

If there is mole, spot or cross on Sun Mountain then eyes become weak. If there are spots on Moon Mountain then vein becomes weak and it creates eye problem. The mole on Moon Mountain indicates weak eyes. 

The cross with spots indicates weak eyes due to blood vessels. Some special remedies avoid the weak eyes. One should see the Sun. Do tratak during sunrise. If there is not sunrise then you can do tratak in front of candle or Deepak.

Child can do tratak after the age of 3 years. Sit in padamashan and put candle in the straight line of eyes. See it constantly. Tratak gives energy to the eyes and it attracts the other person. 

Drink beetroot juice to get rid of weak eyes. The eyes become weak due to weak bile and cough. People who do more anger their eyes become weak. Drink more water and eat light food if bile increases.

Eat less cold food if cough increases. Eat harad if gas problem increase. You can put cucumber on eyes. The consumption of carrot increases vision. The eye muscles can be strengthened by applying honey. The white part of eyes becomes strong. It also removes dark circles. 

Take one small teaspoon honey with two small cardamoms and eat it daily. It is beneficial in cough and sinus. The consumption of cardamom strengthens the Moon. Do not eat non-veg food.

Eat vitamin A rich food and eat light food. Eat more green vegetables. Eat one walnut and two almonds. Eat honey after few minutes. It gives benefit. If child’s waist remains band, he gets pain in head then it indicates weak eyes. In this case, child should check his eyes. 

Take little walk if you get back pain. Keep water in iron utensil and put near head while sleeping. Put this water in trees in the morning. The smoke affects the eyes. The outside food, unhealthy food and unclear food affects the vision. The computer and television screen also affect vision. Constipation affects the vision.

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