Doing These Vastu Changes Will Bring Happiness in Life

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Negative energy in the home decreases the luck. Now-a-days, many problems are due to Vastu. According to Veda and Puranas, it is difficult to establish Vastu in the home. In the home, east side is Sun’s place. The sun rays remove toxins. It makes the energy of the home positive. 

Therefore, the sun rays in the home in the morning increase the luck. If the sunlight does not come in the home during sunrise then Sun becomes weak of that home. In this case, disease increases the home. 

This also reduces prestige. The relation between father and child become weak. We should make home in such a way that sunlight enter in the home. We should maintain kitchen in such a way that sunlight enter in it.

If the north side of the home is close then one might face economic crisis. Money does not last in this home. There should be window or door in the north side so that light and air comes in the home.

Northeast side is very best side out of every side. Northeast side is considered very best side for worship house. Students should study sitting in northeast side. One should make planning for future in northeast side. Northeast side should not be closed. If it is closed then make an arrangement of source of water.

The west side of the home should be closed. The open west side of the home may create health problem. Luck does not support to the children. Plant trees in the west side of the home. You can also make storeroom in the west side of the home.

The toilet in the northeast side in the home creates losses. One can make toilet, store room and bathroom in the northwest side in the home. The northwest side of the home should keep closed. You can keep sewage in the northwest side.

Do not keep south side open in the home. It is beneficial to make guest room or children’s bed room in south side. Keep wardrobe, safe or place of documents in southwest side in the home. Agnidev is the representative of southeast side. The southeast side is the best for kitchen. Keep one window in southeast side. The bad effect of Rahu can be avoided by having food sitting in southeast side. There are cracks in southeast side of home due to bad effect of Rahu.

Plant basil tree if north or northeast side is weak. Plant peeple, rubber plant or champa tree if west side is open in the home. If there is a problem in west or north side then plant mango or blackberry in the home. Do not keep dry and milky plant in the home. Do not keep thorn plant in the home.

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