Astrology Upay for Blood Related Problems

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If Mars is weak then one face blood related problem. If Mercury is weak with Mars then one face blood infection. If Mars is affected by any bad planet then one face blood problem during his entire life. The combination of Mars-Mercury or Mars-Shani can reduce red cells in blood. 
Blood Related Problems

The lack of red blood cells create anemia. It also reduces hemoglobin. The lack of hemoglobin creates many diseases.

One can press the palm and if red color does not come, it indicates the blood is impure. Such people whose palm is soft they may have fear of impurity blood. 

It is necessary to follow strict regimen. One should do such remedy for Mars, Mercury and Shani. Do not let formation of gas and acidity in body.

If platelets are go down then eat copple of male papaya. It is also beneficial to eat grapes. However, do not eat cold grapes. It is more beneficial to eat black grapes. 

Such people whose hemoglobin remains low they can wear iron bracelet. Drink vegetables juice. It is beneficial to drink beetroot juice. You can also mix Amla in beetroot juice.

One can eat date dried kheer. This is beneficial to increase blood in the body. Take juice of wheat plant. Do not take rich food. Eat such food that gives power. 

You should eat almond. Do not eat such food that does not give benefit. One should eat raisin. It is beneficial for women to have raisin.

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