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In human life, the house is very important. It is necessary to have land for house. There are different types of land. Different land has different wave. The land impacts on person’s luck. We can strengthen our luck by selecting right land.

Flat Land is equal from each side. It is best land. Kurmprusth land is upward from middle and downward from four sides. It is best land. 

Gajprushth land, which is upward in nairutya or vayavya side. It is also best land. Daitya land, which is upward in agney or north side. It is not good land. Naag land, which is flat and up-down. It is not good land.

Dig 1.5 feet deep and square dent on north side. Remove the soil from it and again fill up. If soil remains while filling it or you get more soil from dent then it is auspicious land. If soil does not remain or dent fill completely then land is medium. 

If you get less soil and dent cannot fill then land is inauspicious. In this case, do not construct your home.

If you construct home on inauspicious land then do sodhan for entire home. Do Shrimadbhagwat in the home. Renovate main gate of home. Plant basil tree in home. Live some land empty in the home.

Good Luck: Do kirtan for eight times to remove negative energy from the home.

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