How to Improve Children's Mars - Important Astro Upay

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Children whose Mars is weak they get more injury. When Mars is weak then one face head problems. A child gets anger when Mars is weak. He gets irritation. A child has bad company of friends. A child cannot listen parents’ advice when Mars is weak. He ignores the parents’ question. A child makes angry on parents when Mars is weak. Thinking power reduces due to weak Mars.

How to Improve Children's Mars - Important Astro Upay

A child reacts without thinking when Mars is weak. There would be problems in relations due to weak Mars. A child face terrible struggle after the age of 28. Weak Mars reduces the age. A child takes interest in sexuality. There would character flow due to weak Mars. Ego becomes dominant due to weak Mars. A one cannot save money and his wealth loot when Mars is weak.

On the above cases, do not give direct directions. Child might confuse due to direct directions. Find friendly way to make the discipline. Parent’s personality should not decrease in front of child. Children cannot understand love. Parents should meet with children. Child should see friends in parents. Parents should make trust to their child that they understand them.

Parents should listen their child with carefully. Give advice with love. Give emotional support to children. Spend time with children. Go outside with children. Drink more water to children. Also, drink coconut water. Give water in silver glass to children. Cover child’s throat with root of anantmool in red color thread. Donate rice through child on Ekadashi. Donate flour through child on full moon day. Donate salty food through children to below 8 years girls on Friday. Donate besan sweets through children in temple on Tuesday. Keep grain in copper utensil and donate through child on new moon day, grahan, special new moon day and special full moon day. Also, donate honey through child on Thursday once in a month.

Donate wooden toys through children whose Mars is weak, on shukal paksha’s Tuesday. Do this remedy once in a three month.

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