Planets Which Responsible For Beauty - Astro Upay for Men

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Beauty of the face decrease if Moon is weak and one cannot take stress. In the absence of the Sun, the moisture of the face goes away. One face becomes dull. Sun, Moon, Shani, Mercury and Mars give beauty. By applying such stuff on face one looks attractive for few minutes. Stress reduces the glow of the face. One should regularly do Anulom-vilom to strengthen Sun and Moon. Do pranayama and leave it on god. This increase glow of the face.

Planets Which Responsible For Beauty - Astro Upay for Men

beauty tips for men
One should avoid stress and do meditation. This gives glow on the face. Pollution and cold-heat impacts on women, men and children. Pollution impacts on body’s open part. People who go out they should drink plenty of water. Drinking water increase glow on the face. There is no relation of beauty with color. Water increase glow on face and skin. Many people drink less water. One should drink at least 4 liter water.

Keep coconut oil on cotton and apply on face before bed. Slowly massage coconut oil on face for five minutes. Then clean your face with cotton. Oil cannot remain on those whose face is oily. This increases shine of the face. Apply 2 teaspoon yogurt on face and 1 teaspoon face on throat. This removes sunspot. Men and women both can do this remedy.

One should use yogurt in sunburn, sunlight, heat and skin problem in winter. Cut the tomato and rub it on face for 10-15 minutes and let it dry. Then clean it with water. People who eat junk their attraction reduces. One should eat light food, salad and fresh fruits to enhance attraction.

People who eat stale food their attraction decreases. Therefore, one should use fresh food. Bile and gas makes skin dull. One gets wrinkles and sunspot on skin. This makes skin dull. They cannot make impression on society. Apply one teaspoon honey with lemon on face. This slowly removes sunspot. Clean your face after applying honey. People who live good and fear free life they are full of confidence and look beautiful.

Many people get dryness on face. Their skin becomes shaky. There won’t be exaltation and excitement on face. Keep cotton in rose water and apply it on face. Do not wash your face for half an hour. Try to apply rose water twice in a day. This avoids acrimony. Drink plenty of water and eat more fruits. Avoid having junk food and eat fresh food. One gets glow on the face in fifteen days. Grind the orange peels and mix besan in it. Daily mix milk in it and prepare its paste. Apply it on face.

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