Importance of Blue Color - Astro Upay

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In atmosphere, blue color is very effective after red color. It is very mysterious and deep color. This slowly creates fascination and attraction. In astrology, blue color is auspicious Shani’s color. Some scholar said that it is the color or Rahu. It is known as substitute color of yellow color. One should take care while using blue color.

Importance of Blue Color - Astro Upay

Blue Color
Sometime, blue color hypnotizes him. The knowledge cannot remain calm by using more blue color. This color increase laziness of the person. Sometime, this color gives threat. Blue color increase unrest in domestic life.

Use light blue color at education and work place. One can use it at meditation place. It can also be used to get benefits from Rahu and Ketu. Attraction can be increased by using blue with white color. Use blue color in consulting and advising work. Keeping blue color handkerchief avoids Rahu related problem.

Avoid using blue color regularly. This creates problems in water element sign. People whose radix is 4; they should make limited use of blue color. If Moon is weak then avoid using blue color. People suffering with depression or disappointment should avoid using blue color. Do not use blue color in bed room.

Good Luck: Do not use red and blue color together. This may prove dangerous. It invites an accident.

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