Venus & adolescence Effects in Your Childeren's Life

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When the child starts growing up then there will be change in their body and mind. Children directly relates with society. Parents remain worried. Venus impacts on adolescence. If the impact is positive then their future will be good. Child has plenty of energy in adolescence. If this energy is directed in right way then it will improve their future. Otherwise, they face many problems.

Venus & adolescence Effects in Your Childeren's Life

The below part of the thumb, as shown in the figure, is Venus part. It is also part of many hormones.
It is the part of thyroid. It indicates Oxytocin hormone. Venus affects child’s mind. If it is balance then child becomes virtuous. They become successful with their hard work. There would be change in child’s behavior in adolescence. Parents can know this change. Sometime, adolescence love to remain alone.

It is not auspicious to have the net, as shown in the figure, on Venus part. This net is the sign of mental and physical struggle. There would be disturbance in hormone.
They need more help from friends rather than parents. Children suffer with many questions. If they don’t get answer from parents they find friends. It is the symptom of roam. This net of lines may be small. If such lines touch the Venus Mountain then they might involve in affair. This might disturb their study. Venus affects their study. They might compete in competitive exams. If there are such lines above the life line then child may face health problems. One should take care of their food habits. They should do physical exercise. They might face thyroid problem. Parents should take special care of girls. In this case, parents should feed fenugreek water to child. Mix turmeric in dull milk and drink it to child. Give them fewer sweets and more vegetables. Do not give fine flour and outside food to children. Do not give junk food to children.

If there are such lines, as shown in the figure, then child may suffer many problems.
Someone may want to become humraaz. One gets imagination for some special one. One cannot do hard work. Child cannot get splendor due to weak Venus. Child’s life improves if they take care during this time. One can balance their life after falling down but it takes time.

Venus is the owner of splendor. One cannot get splendor if Venus is weak. If the below part of thumb is upward then one gets splendor.
If there are net on Venus part then one should do such remedy. One does give respect to women. This strengthens the Venus. Also, give respect to widow. Chant “Sum Sukraya Namah” during sunset.

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