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Jyestha month
In Hindu calendar, Jayesth month is third month. Sun is very strong in this month. Therefore, heat increases. Due to Sun’s Jayesth it is called Jayesth month. It is also known as Jayesth month due to Jayesth constellation. The religion relates with water in this month. Therefore, water can be saved. It is beneficial to worship Sun and Varun dev.

During this month water level decreases in atmosphere and body. Therefore, one should make proper use of water. It is necessary to avoid sun stroke and food diseases. It is beneficial to use green vegetables, sattu and fruits. It is also beneficial to take afternoon rest.

Pour water in plants every morning-evening. Water the thirsty. Make proper arrangement of water for people. Do not waste water. Donate Ghada with water and fans. Chant Sun psalm “Om Aaditya Namah” for 108 times every morning-evening. Keep fast on every Sunday of Jayesth month if you are suffering with Sun related problem.

On Tuesday of Jayesth month, there is special importance of worshiping lord Hanuman. Offer basil garland to lord Hanuman on this day. Also, offer halva-puri or sweet products to lord Hanuman. After that, worship him. Donate halva-puri and water to poor people. One can get rid of Mangal related problems.

Good Luck: Do not touch the feet for such person whom you don’t have trust. This increases negative energy.

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