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Amethyst is one light purple color transparent gemstone. It is believed that saint of love, valentine, wear this. However, do not wear amethyst without consulting an astrologer. 

5 Things Which can Improve your Love Life

Improve your Love Life
But you can keep it with you. Also, you can give its gifts. Keep amethyst if you have threat that your love will go away. Happiness can be increases in marital life by keeping amethyst stuff in bed room.

Pink Color: It is always considered as color of love. However, if it is thick than love would be closed. If it is light then love reduces. One can use pink colors curtains, bed sheets and clothes to strengthen the love. If the walls color is pink then there would be more indulgence. It is extremely beneficial to gift pink color clothes to strengthen love relationship.

Orange & Lychee: These fruits are considered as love growing fruit. Usually, these fruits strengthen Venus and Moon. One should eat these fruits if love decreases in life. It strengthens the love. Couple should eat Lychee. It strengthens the trust. Gift oranges in love relationship. However, never give Lychee as gift.

Almond: It relates with love relationship. Gift almond and honey or almond or sugar to build love relationship. Husband-wife should feed almond to each other to strengthen their relationship. Never try to swallow or without chewing eat almond. It increases rigidity of speech. Keep honey in jar and almond in it. It strengthens the relationship.

Tuberose: It is considered as symbol of love. Usually, relations become stronger by giving this flower. Never cover this flower with plastic or in any manner. If you are giving it to lover then tie up with pink cover. If you are giving it to life partner then cover it with red cover. Always keep this flower in your bed room. Otherwise, there might be decrease in love.

Good Luck: Do not give glass product in gift. Otherwise, it increases problem in love relationship.

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