Astrology Tips for After Marriage Life

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Many people fall in extra marital affairs. Children have to suffer lot in this situation. This situation occurs when Venus, Rahu, Moon, Saturn or Mars are offended. When Venus is offended or it lost its auspiciousness or it become weak or main planet is weak then person take interest in others. This situation becomes worse if it gets support of Mars or Rahu.

Astrology Tips for After Marriage Life

After Marriage Life
Venus is the symbolic planet of attraction. Offended Venus increase fantasy. Many people cheat their life partners due to fashion. A person get desire to achieve other person. A person won’t get success until he cannot get support from Mars. A person cross his/her limits when Mars is in bad condition.

Parents should take control on their children. The combination of offended Venus and weak Mars is very dangerous. They cannot give respect to their life partner. They want to keep take control on everyone. They have high tendency of sexuality. They do not love anyone but they do show off. They like glamour too much. They face metabolic disorder problem. There would not be harmony between husband-wife.

Weak Jupiter decreases moral power. One cannot control on bad emotions. Some combination of Moon creates such situation. People do adjustment in their office due to bad luck. Many people become victim of blackmailing or fraud. Some people do not forget about their past relationship. Some people do not get love from their life partner. Some people do not have time for their life partner.

On the above cases, you should sit in front of the god and accept your guilt. Wash your legs at night before going for bedtime. You should live with good people. You can wear Rudraksha in your throat. You can chant “Om Namah Shivay” with kamalghata or white sandalwood rosary.

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